Business mentoring


Council is offering the opportunity for 20 Ku-ring-gai registered businesses to participate in an intensive business mentoring project in February.

Working with the MAP Institute, the 3 week program brings the power of boardroom diversity and innovation to small business leaders to enhance certainty, generate consistency and drive growth.

The scholarship program is one hour per week for three weeks (between 17 February and 4 March). The sessions are delivered by video conference in a small group environment, are highly interactive and directly focused on your specific business goals. Outcomes for attendees will be renewed business focused, enhanced certainty, resolution of challenges, greater accountability and achievement of goals. The ultimate goal is growing revenue and strengthening your team.

If, as a business leader, you appreciate the value of being held accountable, understand that everyone is better than you at something and that small changes accumulated over time yield large outcomes, then you will derive great value from the MAP Institute. Join us as together we will travel on your business journey.

The dates that the sessions will run is:

  • Session 1: Wednesday 17 and Thursday 18 February
  • Session 2: Wednesday 24 and Thursday 25 February
  • Session 3: Wednesday 3 and Thursday 4 March

Each attendee will be allocated to the same time slot for the 3 consecutive weeks. We will aim to group attendees together who are similar in scale and maturity of their business, whilst also being sensitive to potential overlapping industries within each group.

Even though we ask attendees their preferred slot, we can't always accommodate their request.

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About the MAP Institute

The MAP Institute offers specialist advanced support for business leaders through providing mentoring in a group setting facilitated by an experienced chair who has a wealth of business experience.  These groups benefit from the support of each other, insights, suggestions and shared business expertise as well as facilitation and input from the Chair.

Members become a connected community and solve their business challenges, improve productivity, performance and profit and keep each other accountable to achieve their goals. 

The MAP Institute seeks to imbue micro-innovation into its members’ businesses from experienced, proven business leaders who have secured their status by building successful businesses.


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