Separated cycleway trial, Gilroy Road Turramurra

Gilroy Road shared spaces

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Council is installing a separated cycleway in Gilroy Road to link to Turramurra shops.

The cycleway will also provide a cycling link between Cameron Park and Karuah Oval and on to Turramurra Memorial Park through a widened shared path around Karuah Oval.

The separated cycleway is being funded by a grant from the NSW Government’s Streets as Shared Spaces program in response to the increased use of cycles and public spaces during the COVID-19 pandemic. The separated cycleway will be created by installing temporary kerbs and bollards with line marking and signage.

The cycleway is planned to be ready by early 2021 for a trial until December 2021. You are invited to try it and let us know what you think.


Why has a cycleway been installed?

This project is part of the Streets as Shared Spaces Program, an initiative by the NSW Government in response to increased walking and cycling demand by communities in urban areas as a result of COVID 19 restrictions. To learn more about this program, please refer to the website.

The Streets as Shared Spaces projects are for pilot programs and trials of wider footpaths, reclaimed streets or street closures, outdoor dining, cycleways and the like. 

We are using this grant to test the popularity of a separated cycleway as a safer alternative to riding on the street or footpaths. The separated cycleway will provide a safer local connection for bicycle riders of all ages and abilities. 

At the end of the trial period, we will assess the usage of the cycleway along with any other issues that may come to light during the trial before determining if this should become a more permanent fixture in Gilroy Road.


Why has Gilroy Road Turramurra been selected?

Gilroy Road has long been a included as an important local bicycle route in adopted Council strategies, including the Ku-ring-gai Town Centres Public Domain Plan 2010. The separated cycleway will provide a safer local connection between Cameron Park and Turramurra Memorial Park.


How long is the trial?

The trial will be in place for at least the remainder of 2021 and possibly up to 12 months.


Where can commuters park their cars?

Some existing commuters that used to park in Gilroy Road to access the station may have to temporarily park in a different location or further away to access the station, or travel to other nearby railway stations to park, although the pop-up cycleway will open up opportunities for other residents and workers in the northern parts of Turramurra to access the station and shops by bicycle, who may not have otherwise done so due to the absence of a separated cycling facility.

I need to drive to Cameron Park or the shops. Where can I park my car?

There are a number of 1hr and 2hr kerbside parking spaces on Gilroy Road, Eastern Road and Rohini Street. The Gilroy Lane car park also has approximately 135 spaces and is a short walk to most shops and destinations in Turramurra.

The car lanes now seem to be narrower. Is that safe?

Similar to other traffic calming treatments, the new road width in Gilroy Road still allows 2 vehicles to pass, but at a lower speed than before, which helps to improve amenity and safety for residents and all road users.

Why install a cycleway on Gilroy Road when no one seems to ride a bike around here?

Surveys indicate that around 25% of people in NSW are interested in cycling but do not currently ride for transport. Providing safe, separated cycling facilities may encourage more people to cycle which can benefit individuals and the wider community.

The Gilroy Road cycle route is intended to be a local link to connect the shops, station area and Cameron Park with Turramurra Memorial Park and Karuah Park to the north, for all ages and all abilities. Commuter bike riders or long distance riders generally use other, more direct routes to get to their destinations.

Is it going to be permanent?

Once the full installation is completed, we will be asking for community feedback on Council’s website. We will also be monitoring the use of the cycleway throughout the trial period, to help inform future decision-making on these types of pop-up facilities and possibly permanent installations.

What is the research showing the demand and expected usage of the cycleway?

Baseline surveys to determine the number of users and conditions prior to the installation have been undertaken. Once installed and open, the cycleway’s use will be monitored to assess the level of uptake.

Will it connect to a broader cycling network?

Future plans for Gilroy Road include a permanent and integrated separated cycleway and wide pedestrian paths, with street tree planting to create a boulevard that will form part of the connection between the Turramurra Local Centre and Cameron Park/Karuah Park/Turramurra Memorial Park, and potentially on to the Lovers Jump corridor further to the north.

Where can I make a comment or provide feedback?

We welcome feedback from the community. Please drop us a line –

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For more information, contact Maria Rigoli, Public Domain Coordinator, or call 9424 0000.