Defibrillators installed in Council facilities

Published on 08 September 2022


Ku-ring-gai Council has installed the defibrillators in 22 public facilities to assist the public in dealing with any sudden cardiac emergencies.

The automated external defibrillators – or AEDs as they are often called – have been installed in facilities ranging from community halls and libraries through to the Council-owned golf courses at Gordon and North Turramurra, and even a bushfire fighting truck.

A defibrillator is a life-saving device used to treat sudden cardiac arrest. The Council has installed the defibrillators as a way of assisting the public deal with cardiac arrest while waiting for paramedics and CPR is being performed. 

According to NSW Health, over 8,500 people experience cardiac arrest in NSW every year. If they are not already in hospital, only 12% will survive. For every minute that passes after a person has a cardiac arrest, the chance of survival decreases.

A full list of the locations where AEDs are installed is available on the Council’s website, with the 22 locations selected through a detailed risk management process.

Each defibrillator is a small portable device designed to deliver a controlled electrical shock to restart the heart’s normal rhythm. Defibrillators must be used in conjunction with CPR.

Mayor Jeff Pettett said while he hoped none of the AEDs would ever be needed in Ku-ring-gai, the Council was committed to keeping the public safe in its facilities.

“The first step in dealing with any sudden cardiac arrest is always to call Triple 0 and commence CPR as soon as possible.”

“But if you are in a situation where you need to use one of these defibrillators, they are very easy to operate. Once turned on the device will instantly give you voice prompts to follow”.

For details on the defibrillator locations visit  


Media enquiries: Sally Williams, Ku-ring-gai Council 9424 0000.


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