Gordon Library’s going to be up late

Published on 24 January 2023

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Library Up Late will kick off every Thursday between February and April, with a series of interesting - and at times challenging - author talks.

Professor Raina MacIntyre is well known for her views on COVID and on Thursday 16 March discusses her new book Dark Winter, a guide to natural and manmade pandemics. She reveals what she believes is a recurrent theme of denial, silence and cover-up around unnatural epidemics and the powerful vested interests at play. 

Social commentator Hugh MacKay is a psychologist and bestselling author, writing over 22 fiction and non-fiction books. He will discuss the inspiration for his latest book The Therapist and the relationship between his fiction and non-fiction. 

Shankari Chandran is a lawyer and writer sharing her insights into what it means to belong in Australia. The divide between our ideals and the challenges people face is the theme running through two of her latest novels, Chai Time at Cinnamon Gardens set in a Sydney nursing home and Song of the Sun God spanning three continents and three generations learning to embrace Australia as their new home. 

Debra Keenahan discusses her latest work Othering, inspired by her lived experience with achondroplasia dwarfism.  Debra is an artist, psychologist and human rights academic and will talk openly about the challenges faced by people with disabilities in Australia.

Other author talks in the Library Up Late series include Michelle Cahill discussing Australian-Asian contemporary writing and her work on the HSC syllabus; a panel discussion between three of Australia’s most exciting new crime writers Hayley Scrivenor, Benjamin Stephenson and Fiona Kelly McGregor; and science writer Ivy Shih on scientific communication and pushing back against misinformation.

For full details of all the talks and to book go to krg.nsw.gov.au/libraryuplate. Spaces are limited for each free author talk and bookings are essential.

Gordon Library is open until 8pm Monday to Thursday, with the talks happening between 6.30pm and 7.30pm on Thursdays.


Media enquiries: Sally Williams Ku-ring-gai Council 9424 0000.

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