Planning Proposal and DCP for Roseville Memorial Club

On display until 23 April 2021, 05:00 PM

Council is seeking comment from the community regarding the Planning Proposal and DCP for the Roseville Memorial Club (64-66 Pacific Highway, Roseville). The Planning Proposal seeks to make the following amendments to the Ku-ring-gai Local Environmental Plan (Local Centres) 2012:

  • Increase the maximum height of buildings (from part 20.5m and part 14.5m to 26.5m) and floor space ratio (from part 2:1 and part 2.8:1 to 3:1) to enable a 7 storey building on the site.
  • Rezone a small part (garden bed – approx.9sqm) from RE1 Public Recreation to B2 Local Centre.
  • Amendment to Schedule 1 Additional Permitted Uses to allow a residential flat buildings on the site to be located wholly above a ground floor registered club.

A Site Specific DCP has been prepared to support the amendments sought by the Planning Proposal and provide greater assurance of development outcomes on the site. The Site Specific DCP includes:

  • New section Part 14G relating specifically to part 62, 64-66 Pacific Highway, Roseville.
  • Objectives and Controls relating to future character, public domain, pedestrian and vehicle access, building setbacks and built form, retention and protection of trees and vegetation.

The Planning Proposal and Site Specific DCP will be on public exhibition from 26 March 2021 to 23 April 2021.

Note: This site is currently subject to a number of planning actions, with a Development Application (DA) and Voluntary Planning Agreement (VPA) concurrently proceeding alongside the Planning Proposal and Site Specific DCP. This Planning Proposal and supporting draft site specific DCP is an independent process to the assessment of the DA and VPA. 

Exhibition documents

Planning Proposal(PDF, 3MB)

Appendix 1(PDF, 16MB) – Urban Design Report

Appendix 2(PDF, 1MB) – Traffic  Report

Appendix 3(PDF, 3MB) – Heritage Impact Statement

Appendix 4(PDF, 747KB) – Statement from Roseville Memorial Club

Appendix 5(PDF, 916KB) – Survey

Appendix 6(PDF, 2MB) – Existing Development Survey

Appendix 7(PDF, 10MB) – Community Consultation Report

Appendix 8(PDF, 4MB) – Stage 1 Preliminary Site Investigation

Draft Site Specific DCP:

Draft Site Specific Development Control Plan – Part 14 G – Part 62, 64-66 Pacific Highway, Roseville(PDF, 3MB)

Supporting documents

Gateway Determination(PDF, 155KB)

Department of Planning Pre-Exhibition Endorsement(PDF, 95KB)

Ku-ring-gai Local Planning Panel Report and Resolution 18 March 2019 – Planning Proposal(PDF, 625KB)

Council Report and Resolution 9 April 2019 - Planning Proposal(PDF, 660KB)

Council Report and Resolution 16 February 2021 - Site Specific DCP(PDF, 145KB)

Planning Proposal Flow Chart(PDF, 38KB)

FAQs – Planning Proposal, LEP and DCP(PDF, 44KB)

Current Local Environmental Plan (LEP) and Development Control Plan (DCP):

Ku-ring-gai Local Environmental Plan (Local Centres) 2012

Ku-ring-gai Local Centres Development Control Plan

Providing feedback

Mark your comments by quoting reference number S12030 and include your contact details.

Email your comments

or post to: General Manager, Ku-ring-gai Council, Locked bag 1006 Gordon NSW 2072.

Comments must be received by 5pm, 23 April 2021.

All submissions are public documents and will be considered in a final report to Council.

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