Towards zero emissions

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Council has recently adopted a new roadmap to support Ku-ring-gai’s transition to net zero emissions, underpinned by the updated Climate Change Policy and the Toward Zero Emissions – 2030 Action Plan(PDF, 2MB)

Get involved

In light of the new roadmap, we are working to bring you more information on how you can get involved in the journey to make a sustainable and zero emissions Ku-ring-gai. In the meantime, you can view the new policy and action plan at the links below.

Climate Change Policy(PDF, 376KB)

Towards Zero Emissions – 2030 Action Plan(PDF, 2MB)

Our action plan

The world is undergoing an energy revolution in an effort to urgently limit global heating and climate change. The Policy and Action Plan provide Council with the steps to play its part in the global energy transition, and to support the community in its transition to net zero emissions.

The Towards Zero Emissions- 2030 Action Plan introduces community wide targets and increased efforts to deliver programs that reduce community emissions across 6 categories.




The Towards Zero Emissions- 2030 Action Plan(PDF, 2MB) also provides a roadmap for Council to reduce emissions across 3 primary sources fleet (vehicles), street lights and fixed assets (buildings).


We are tackling this head on with the below targets:

Council emissions reduction:

  • Net zero emissions by 2040, or earlier, and a 50% reduction, by 2030.
  • Achieve 100% renewable energy by 2030, whilst pursuing efforts to reach this target by 2025.
  • 100% reduction in fleet emissions by 2040.

To support the Ku-ring-gai community reach net zero emissions by 2040, or earlier.

A roadmap to guide investment in proven and emerging technologies such as electric vehicles, building efficiency, and renewable energy. 

Key Council projects

These projects have led to total annual cost savings of $150k and a 13% reduction in electricity use across all of Council’s buildings and facilities.

Rooftop solar at 10 Council sites

Bridge Street Administration Building – 20kW; Suakin Street Depot – 100kW; Bancroft Art Centre – 12kW; Thomas Carlyle Childcare Centre – 19kW; North Turramurra Sewerage Treatment Plant – 41kW; Gordon Library – 52kW; Turramurra Library - 29kW, St Ives Library - 25kW, East Roseville Community centre - 16kW and Ku-ring-gai Fitness and Aquatic Centre – 126kW. Council’s solar capacity has doubled in the past 3 years to 440kW.

LED lighting upgrades at 13 community sites

St Ives Community Centre, West Lindfield Community Centre, Gordon Old School Building, East Roseville Community Centre, West Pymble Community Centre, Bancroft Art Centre, Thomas Carlyle Childcare Centre, St Ives Community Groups, Turramurra Library and Gordon Library, St Ives Library, Bridge Street Administration Building, Suakin Street Depot.

Solar hot water at 10 community sites

Roseville Chase Oval, Thomas Carlyle Childcare Centre, Lindfield Oval (Tryon Oval), Gordon Library, Turramurra Oval (memorial),Golden Jubilee Oval, Old Bushland Depot, Wildflower Garden Pavilion, Wildflower Garden Residence and Marion St Theatre - Lower Floor Solar.

Heat pump upgrades at 2 community sites

St Ives Showground (grandstand) and St Ives Showground (residency).

Improvements to HVAC (air conditioning) controls at 7 Council sites

Ku-ring-gai Fitness and Aquatic Centre, Gordon Library, Council Chambers, Thomas Carlyle Children’s Centre, Gordon Library, Suakin Street Depot and Bridge Street Administration Building.





Smart metering and/or automated monitoring systems at 18 Council sites

Ku-ring-gai Fitness and Aquatic Centre, Gordon Library, North Turramurra Sewerage Treatment Plant, Gordon Golf Course Sewerage Treatment Plant, St Ives Showground, 828 Pacific Highway, Suakin Street Depot, Council Chambers, Lindfield Library, Turramurra Library, St Ives Library, Bancroft Art Centre, Thomas Carlyle Children’s Centre, Gordon Old School Building, Bridge Street Administration Building, Former Council Nursery and Nursery Dwelling, Pymble car park Pacific Highway.

Energy efficiency upgrades

Upgrades of pool filtration and pool heating plant at the Ku-ring-gai Fitness and Aquatic Centre.




Intelligent lighting controls

At Gordon Library.


Community rebates

We are supporting residents, businesses and schools to reduce their energy and water use and protect their local environment

Energy Smart

Energy Smart - Pool Pump

Water Smart

Smart Schools

Smart Units

Climate Wise Communities

Our Climate Wise Communities program helps build community resilience and preparedness to extreme weather events such as bushfire, storm, drought and heatwave.

Do you know how you, your home or neighbourhood can prepare for a bushfire, flood or heatwave event? To find out, complete the online Climate Wise Communities Ready Check tool and receive an immediate list of things you can do to be prepared.

The Cities Power Partnership

Council is participating in The Cities Power Partnership, which celebrates and accelerates the emission reduction and clean energy successes of Australian towns and cities.