Gardening and DIY

In the garden

Composting and worm farming

Purchase a discounted compost bin or worm farm at up to 40% off for residents and free delivery from Compost Revolution. Read more. 

Don't have a compost? Find a ShareWaste location near you, providing friendly neighbourhood drop-off points for your organic waste.

Edible gardening

Build a herb spiral

Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney shares how to grow all the herbs you could need using this space-saving, energy-efficient garden design. Build using bricks, stone or what you have at hand and plant different herbs along the spiral depending on their sun requirements. Find out more.

Plastic & toxic-free DIYs

Use simple household items to create your own luxurious, chemical-free toiletries and cosmetics. 

Beeswax wraps - alternative to plastic cling wrap

These are cloths with beeswax melted into them to wrap bowls of food and wrap vegetables to stay fresh twice as long - plus they are reusable and can easily be washed in soapy water. Read instructions from One Million Women or purchase from any healthy living store.

Japanese cloth wrapping (Furoshiki)

This Japanese craft eliminates plastic wrapping and bags. It uses fabric of different shapes and patterns to wrap a range of objects for gifts and other reasons.


Learn to knit and keep yourself warm this winter while gaining a valuable skill. Follow step-by-step instructions here.

Expand your knowledge

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