Illegal tree removal, pruning or damage

Trees planted on Council managed land and private property are protected by Council’s Tree & Vegetation DCP and other legislation. It is illegal to work on trees without Council consent.

What to do if you believe a tree has been illegally pruned, removed, poisoned or vandalised 

If you believe a tree has been illegally pruned, removed, poisoned or vandalised, you can report this to Council.

Before reporting to Council you can search a property address to check if there is approval for the tree works.

Step 1

Check for tree works approval

Use button below and type address into address search area, as you type address will pre-fill, select correct address from the dropdown list.

Please note:

  • Tree approvals are listed from August 2021 onwards.
  • Exempt works are not listed on the map.
  • Works approved under a Development Application approval are not listed on the map. 

If there are approved tree works for the selected property they will show in the left hand column below the property and planning details.

Council's online map viewer

Step 2

Make a report:

  • Call 9424 0000 to report urgent enquiries. Council’s after hours service will capture urgent issues that are reported on a weekend or outside of business hours.
  • Email
  • Online services - unauthorised tree works and request a street tree inspection.

When lodging a report: 

  • Provide property address.
  • Provide information about what type of activity is occurring, date and time.
  • Record information - such as photographs to assist.
  • Provide your name and details to enable Council to respond to you.

What happens next?

Council will: 

  • Undertake an investigation.
  • Gather evidence to ensure any pruning outside of consent is regulated.
  • Apply penalties where appropriate.


Customer Service on 9424 000 or email