Jubes Mountain Bike Track Management Plan

COVID-19 update: Tracks are open

As a result of the lockdown and current health orders exercise is permitted outdoors in groups of two or less, please maintain social distancing.

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Riders Code of Conduct

  • Ride to your own ability - Jubes Mountain Bike Park was built to cater for experienced riders. Understand what you are capable of and ride within your limits. BMX and mountain bike riding is dangerous – all riders use Jubes at their own risk.
  • Wear a helmet and other safety gear - helmets are mandatory in NSW and must meet Australian Standards. Additional protective gear is highly recommended.
  • Respect others - this park belongs to the community. Help keep everyone safe and respect other people.
  • Respect the trail - riding the right way means understanding the track and only riding in the right conditions. Trails may be closed in wet or windy conditions. 

Remember these simple rules to make the ride fun for everyone:

  1. Entering - only enter the trail at the beginning start pad – do not enter anywhere else.
  2. Keep moving - do not stop anywhere on the trail. Pull off the Trail if stationery.
  3. Berms & turns - do not ride or sit on the tops of berms/turns or slide down them.
  4. Closed when wet or very windy - to avoid damage, do not ride the Trail during these conditions.
  5. Wear appropriate safety gear!
  6. Ride to your own ability

Jubes Trail Crew

To help keep Jubes at its peak condition, Council Trailcare volunteers, the ‘Jubes Trail Crew’, spend their free time maintaining the trails and surrounds. The crew are responsible for closing the trails for maintenance or rain and/or windy conditions, as shown in the table below. 

Roles and responsibilities

Jubes Trail Crew Volunteers

Ku-ring-gai Council

Open and close trails based on site conditions and weather forecasts such as wet trail surface or windy conditions based on Terrey Hills BOM data when wind gusts are 25km/hr or over.

Engage with volunteers to run organised volunteer days, provide appropriate tools and necessary volunteer support, signs and materials.


Repair and maintain trail surface and technical features as required outside peak usage periods.

Undertake monthly inspections to ensure there are no unsafe features or major maintenance requirements.

Ensure safety signage is visible and in good condition and educate other riders in safe riding and importance of wearing helmets and safety gear.

Undertake six monthly maintenance works to maintain drainage features or other modifications requiring powered equipment.

Restore drains, remove rubbish, clear vegetation from trails and maintain and use provided tools safely.

Undertake emergency works if required to ensure the site is safe and fit for purpose.

Get involved

Everyone is welcome to help construct the tracks at Jubes. Register as a Trailcare Volunteer to be invited to the Volunteer Days. It also means that you are volunteering to help build a community asset. The Jubes Mountain Bike Park will be designed, built and maintained by the community. There will also be more Design Days and workshops with professional trail builders in the future.

Environmental Volunteer Application Form(PDF, 137KB)

Contact us

For any questions, please contact Council's Natural Areas Program Leader on jbrisebois@kmc.nsw.gov.au.