Upper North Shore Volunteer Hub

Volunteer hub

Ku-ring-gai Council has received a grant from the NSW Government to increase volunteer numbers and help volunteer organisations in the Upper North Shore area. As a result Council is building a virtual platform providing local volunteer connections and information called the Upper North Shore Volunteer Hub.

Volunteer host organisations are invited to join the Hub to connect with potential volunteers in Ku-ring-gai/Hornsby and wider area. 

The Hub will offer different services to organisations depending on their recruitment needs and capacity. The Hub will also assist potential volunteers find information more effectively and help match them to available roles.

The three types of support for your organisation are:

Option 1 - Inclusion in a page on Ku-ring-gai Council’s website showing a list of volunteer organisations (Ku-ring-gai based organisations only).

Option 2 - Inclusion in a booklet updated once a year called Volunteering in Ku-ring-gai & Hornsby.

Option 3 - Advertising and referral of current volunteer roles on Ku-ring-gai Council’s website and/or the Seek Volunteer online platform.

To be part of the Hub, your organisation must:

  • be incorporated and have public liability insurance;
  • have regular volunteering opportunities;
  • have a regularly used email address or contact number for enquiries/applications;
  • be able to onboard volunteers regularly;
  • be open to the general public.

Please note that options 1 and 2 are not suitable for small organisations of less than 10 members or those that do not regularly train and recruit volunteers. If your organisation just needs to recruit volunteers during a specific time period, option 3 is best for you. 

The Upper North Shore Volunteer Hub will exclude:

  • projects and/or activities not related to volunteering;
  • activities promoting a private business or service;
  • activities aimed at increasing paid membership;
  • party political activities;
  • religion based volunteering;
  • non-incorporated organisations.

Hub guidelines and information

View Hub guidelines(PDF, 121KB)

View Hub main features(PDF, 452KB)

Express your interest of inclusion by registering. Applications close 20 July 2023.

Registration form - Expression of Interest


Is the Upper North Shore Hub a one-off project?

No. Ku-ring-gai Council aims to establish the Hub as a long term project and maintain good connections with volunteer host organisations and potential volunteers. 

We are an incorporated group with a few hundred volunteer members. Can we be listed on the Hub and in the booklet?

Please refer to the criteria for guidance on whether your group qualifies. If not there are other opportunities such as the Council’s Seniors Expo, Community Directory and other local events. If you only need a few volunteers from time to time, you are welcome to use Option 3, the volunteer advertising and referral service.

What geographical areas does the Hub cover?

The volunteer roles advertised on the Hub must primarily provide services to the community in Ku-ring-gai and Hornsby. However, where there are organisations serving other areas of northern Sydney in addition to Ku-ring-gai and Hornsby these can be considered for inclusion. 

More information

If you have any enquiries please contact Council's Community Volunteer Services Coordinator, Lily Li at volunteers@krg.nsw.gov.au.