We are committed to providing well maintained footpaths across Ku-ring-gai in order to improve safety and amenity for our community. This is especially important in high traffic areas or in streets close to shops, train stations, schools, hospitals, nursing homes and parks.  

Council delivers this through the design and construction of new footpaths, the reconstruction of existing footpaths that are in poor condition, as well as ongoing maintenance to remove trip hazards and improve pedestrian accessibility.

Distribution and condition of footpaths

Currently there is a total area of 337,000 sqm of concrete and 153,000 sqm of asphalt of footpaths across Ku-ring-gai which Council is responsible for maintaining.

These paths are fairly evenly distributed across the wards:

  • Wahroonga - 18%
  • Comenarra - 16%
  • St Ives - 16%
  • Gordon - 22%
  • Roseville - 27%

The condition of footpaths across Ku-ring-gai is generally very good, with over 80% of footpaths ranked as in 'near perfect' or 'some superficial deterioration' condition across all the pedestrian usage categories. The condition of footpaths is determined from council’s routine inspection program.

How does Council determine new footpaths?

New footpaths are assessed and prioritised based on criteria adopted by Council which includes every road across the Local Government Area. This criteria is based on the proximity of the road in question to key points of interest across Ku-Ring-Gai including commercial areas, public transportation, schools, parks and hospitals etc. When a footpath request is made, staff will investigate and assess the requested location against Council’s adopted criteria to determine an overall priority rating for the footpath. This priority rating is then used to determine the footpath’s position in the long term capital works program based on the current budget. 

Capital Works Program 2022/2023 financial year



East Killara Churchill Road - Koola Avenue to Fairbairn Avenue
Wentworth Avenue - Churchill Road to Bligh Street
Lindfield Ontario Avenue - Thomas Avenue to Bayswater Road
  Bradfield Road - Charles Street to Carramar Road
Roseville Kings Avenue - Pockley Avenue to Alexander Parade
Roseville Chase Babbage Road - Ormonde Road to Roseville Bridge Walkway
St Ives Kenthurst Road - Killeaton Street to Mudies Road
  Hassell Street - Mawson Street to Palm Street
  Roma Road - Whitehaven Street to No. 25 Roma Road
South Turramurra Barwon Avenue - Canoon Road to Chisholm Street
Wahroonga Clissold Road - Burns Road to Bunyana Avenue
  Westbrook Avenue - Kintore Street to Burns Road
West Pymble Congham Road - Wallalong Crescent to No. 20 Congham Road

How does Council determine which footpaths require repairs?

Inspection programs are in place where footpaths are routinely inspected and assessed by staff.

The entire Ku-ring-gai area is inspected every five years, with high pedestrian areas around shops and railways inspected more frequently.

Reconstruction and maintenance programs are then determined based on a priority system and available funding. The prioritisation or timing of repair uses two main criteria:

  1. The severity of the defect, or relative condition.
  2. The frequency of use of the footpath.

Inspections are also undertaken of any reported concerns from the public.

It is often necessary to undertake temporary repairs to ensure safe pedestrian usage prior to programming of the permanent repairs.

Footpath maintenance consists of small repairs to eliminate trip hazards, repair damaged pathways, improve accessibility, or provide temporary repairs prior to later programmed works. Small footpath maintenance jobs are conducted weekly and due to their volume are not listed.

Current major footpath repairs

  • Gordon - Mount William Street - Pearson Avenue to No. 7 Mount William Street.
  • Roseville - Clermiston Avenue - Boundary Street to Bancroft Avenue.
  • Turramurra -  Wambool Walkway - Wambool Street to Jersey Street.

Footpath request forms

Should you see a footpath that looks like it needs repair, we encourage you to contact Council so that we can investigate and repair it or schedule it in future works programs.

You can also make a request for a new footpath.

Request footpath maintenance

Request a new footpath