Complaints process

We will receive your complaint

  • Council captures the complaint details in the Council’s business systems

 Within 24 hours of receiving correspondence


Assess your complaint

  • It will be determined whether your matter is a complaint or a service request 
  • The complaint will then be sent to the Manager of the appropriate team to take the next step

Within 48 hours of receiving correspondence


Acknowledge your complaint

  •  The Manager or delegate will contact you to acknowledge that we have received the complaint. They will:
  • Listen to and acknowledge your concern
  •  Set expectations regarding the investigation process, timeframe and outcomes
  • Ask questions to clarify any misunderstandings or gaps in knowledge


Within 48 hours of receiving correspondence


Action your issue

  • The Manager or delegate and take the steps necessary to rectify the issues, keeping you informed
  •  Where appropriate, involve you in deciding what the solution should be

In accordance with the agreed timeframes and service standards


Resolve your complaint

  • The Manager will decide whether the complaint is valid and advise you of the outcome

As soon as the action is taken

Improve our service

  • The Manager or delegate will share the story with their team and discuss opportunities for improvement. They will also:
    • Provide feedback to third parties where appropriate
    • Put steps in place to prevent issues from reoccurring

Once the complaint is resolved


Complaints Management Policy

Council's policy is intended to ensure that we handle complaints fairly, efficiently and effectively.

Complaints Management Policy(PDF, 380KB)