Your rates enable Council to fund the many services and facilities we provide for the community.

This includes community services, sporting and recreation, environmental planning, public health & safety, environmental protection, waste collection, road and footpath maintenance.

A full list of capital works and priority spend areas can be found in Council's Operational Plan.

The annual rate notice is issued at the end of July each year. Rates can be paid in full by 31 August, or in quarterly instalments due 31 August, 30 November, 28 February and 31 May.

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New land valuations

New land valuations take effect for rates and charges from July 2023

Ku-ring-gai Council is required to use land values provided by the NSW Valuer General to calculate rates. Land is valued under the Valuation of Land Act 1916 and is a process conducted every three years by the Valuer General to revalue land. All properties in Ku-ring-gai were revalued by the Valuer General as at 1 July 2022 and these values will be used for rating for three financial years – 2023/2024, 2024/2025 and  2025/2026. You can read about the Land Value increases at: Report on NSW land values at 1 July 2022(PDF, 771KB).

While land values are used to distribute rates across the properties in the local government area, an increase in land value for your property does not mean that Council receives more rates revenue in total, as the amount of rates that can be raised across all properties is capped.  Land valuation increases are not uniform across the local government area, meaning that the rates for some properties increase more than others, with the overall Council rates revenue increasing by a predetermined amount. For 2023-2024 the rates cap is 3.7%.

Domestic Waste Management

Your Rates Notice includes a Domestic Management Waste Charge. Sections 496 and 504 of the Local Government Act 1993 (as amended) require councils to make and levy an annual charge for the provision of a domestic waste management (DWM) service for each parcel of rateable land for which the service is available, ensure that the cost of providing the service is met by the charge and that the charge is reasonable for the services provided. 

In the current environment of rising costs, the DWM charge has been increased by 7% to keep up with inflation.  A council cannot use income from its ordinary rate towards the cost of providing DWM services.

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Residents can receive an electronic rates notice via email. You can either register online or register to receive your rates notices through BPAY View by logging on to your internet banking.

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