What is heritage

Heritage consists of those places and objects, including houses, public and commercial buildings, parks and monuments, that we as a community have inherited from the past and want to hand on to future generations. Our heritage gives us a sense of living history and provides a physical link to the work and way of life of earlier generations. It enriches our lives and helps us to understand who we are today. In a planning context, heritage refers to things in our built and natural environment that we want to conserve for future generations to enjoy.
Information Sheet - What is a Heritage Conservation Area?(PDF, 798KB)

Information Sheet - What is Heritage?(PDF, 990KB)

Is my property heritage listed?

Heritage Items and Heritage Conservation Areas are listed on Schedule 5 of the Ku-ring-gai Local Environment Plan 2012 and Ku-ring-gai Local Environment Plan 2015. The items should also be listed on the NSW Heritage Inventory, which can be found here.

Get a Section 10.7 Planning Certificate(PDF, 334KB) from Council for confirmation.

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