Smart schools

Solar my School

Ku-ring-gai Council is partnering with the award-winning program Solar my School to provide free of charge:

  • Independent assessment to recommend the best size and location for solar panels.
  • Estimate of system costs and bill savings.
  • Financial advice and help with grant funding to pay for the system.
  • Tender and contractual documentation to help select supplier and facilitate installation.
  • Presentations to school Boards.
  • Curriculum-linked solar educational resources.

Schools in Ku-ring-gai can now join over 90 Sydney schools that are already generating their own clean, green energy.


For more information please contact the Sustainability Engagement Officer via email or phone 9424 0172.




Grants and rebates

There are a range of rebates and community grants on offer.

Listed below are both Council supported initiatives as well as external funding opportunities.

Community rebates

These are available for Ku-ring-gai school/pre-school, day care and community education centres.

Make improvements to reduce your bills, manage your waste and educate the community. 

  • Solar my School is free, expert support provided by Council. They will assess your solar needs, cost estimates/bill savings and help with sourcing grant funding.
  • Water Smart Rebates will help you establish a water-sensitive garden (to manage stormwater run-off) and install rain water tanks or green roofs.
  • Compost Revolution provides composting and worm-farming products at a highly discounted rate. Jump online and order today.

Grants and competitions


Building gardens

Create edible and native gardens with bees, composting and worm farming. Let the kids get their hands dirty and build your own veggie or flower garden. Attract native wildlife and pollinators and extend their learning in the classroom.


Composting and worm farming

Visit Ku-ring-gai composting and worm farming to order a discounted compost or worm farm today.

Composting is an easy, fun and an important way of reducing the volume of materials going to landfill, cutting down on greenhouse gases and returning nutrients back into the soil. Ku-ring-gai schools receive a 25% discount and free delivery of a compost bin or worm farm (including worms) by joining the Compost Revolution program.


Having troubles with your worm farm or just getting started? View tips from the experts at Kimbriki House.

Native bees

Bees are essential members of our ecological communities and their communities are under threat worldwide. These hardworking insects pollinate our gardens and food crops. Australia has over 1,500 species of native bee, and the Sydney region is home to about 200 species.

In Ku-ring-gai, the WildThings NSW Native Bee program has been hugely successful with over 1000 hives distributed to residents. The bees are sting-less and therefore a perfect addition to your garden especially for children to learn about the bee life cycle and pollination.

There are two ways to get a hive:

  1. Apply through the annual Environmental Levy Grants in September and if successful receive a hive at no cost; or
  2. Purchase a hive at any time for a reduced rate from Ku-ring-gai Council - stocks allowing.

Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Foundation

Find inspiration, information, professional learning and support for educational institutions.

Visit Kitchen Garden Foundation to find the tools to get your school's kitchen garden growing.


Waste and recycling

We are making it easier for your primary or secondary school to reduce your energy bills, educate students and reduce your carbon footprint with solar power. At a time when global scientists are demanding rapid changes to reduce carbon emissions, many schools want solar power on their roof but don’t know where to start.

Public schools in NSW are responsible for their own waste management and recycling initiatives. Guidance is provided through the NSW Government website.

The information below is applicable to both public and independent schools.

Please refer to our Grants & Rebates section for information on how you could apply for support to set up one of these systems in your school.



Planet Ark

Offers support through their Schools Recycle Right Guide including conducting a waste audit with your students, finding a recycler and transporting the waste.


Sustainable Schools NSW

Sustainable Schools NSW offers guides and teacher resources to take students through this process. 

Return and Earn


1. Donate refunds to your school

Encourage your school community to collect eligible drink containers at home and take them to a return point for a refund. The refund can then be donated to your school.

2. Become a Donation Partner

You may be able to become a Donation Partner and be featured on your local Reverse Vending Machine. As a Donation Partner, you can receive donated refunds from people returning containers.

Reuse and recycling

Schools Recycling Week

Planet Ark has some great tools to start your recycling or organic waste system.

Sustainable Schools Toolkit 

Cool Australia

Great ideas for primary School participation in National Recycling Week. Visit here.

Uniform Exchange

An online marketplace for second hand school uniforms, musical instruments, sports gear, textbooks and more. Visit here.

Bye Bye Plastic

Our Sustainable living pages offer a range of advice on how to inspire your school and students to reduce their plastic use.

Return & Earn

Reduce litter and earn funds for your school. Visit here.

Waste-free lunchboxes

The Planet Ark Waste-free Lunch Box Challenge is a great way to start your school’s journey to sustainability is by engaging the kids through their lunchboxes!