Bushfire protection rules for trees

The 10/50 vegetation clearing rule

Under current state legislation, residents in some areas of Ku-ring-gai can clear trees around their property to protect it from bushfire. This is called the 10/50 Vegetation Clearing Code of Practice.

To check if your property qualifies, go to NSW Rural Fire Service website online tool to determine your eligibility.

The RFS 10/50 Code only applies to eligible properties with trees located within 10 metres from the tree trunk (measured at 1.3 metres from ground level) to some property walls (not all walls can be used. please check the RFS Code for more information). It does not apply to every tree on your property.

This is because some trees are protected and require a tree application form to be submitted to Council. They are:

  • Trees located on a heritage property.
  • Trees located on a property within a heritage conservation area.
  • If the property is mapped within a threatened species Community.

For more information refer to the Rural Fire Service 10/50 Frequently Asked Questions