Bushland interface

Ku-ring-gai local government area contains approximately 92 kilometres of interface between bushland and private properties. In many locations, unauthorised dumping, extensions or 'encroachments' from private properties on to Council-managed bushland reserves have significantly impacted upon the natural environment, public access and Council's field operations.

Although individually dumping and encroachments may appear minor in impact, collectively they can consume and degrade hectares of the Council / community reserve system.

Backyard dumping and encroachments

Unauthorised dumping and encroachments in Council reserves can:

  • Compromise the integrity of natural and cultural values.
  • Alienate land from public use or access.
  • Impede fire management works.
  • Detract from aesthetic appearances.
  • Divert and encumber council resources and assets.
  • Jeopardise public safety.
  • Cause social inequity.
  • Incite issues of legal liability.

Bushland Dumping and Encroachments Policy

Under the Environmental Levy, Council is allocating resources to address the issue of dumping and encroachments on community land. Council has prepared a Bushland Dumping and Encroachment Policy(PDF, 282KB) to provide a consistent, effective and transparent approach to manage dumping and encroachments using both compliance agreements (CA) and regulatory mechanisms.

How to report illegal dumping and encroachments

To report illegal dumping or encroachment in Ku-ring-gai please use the below link. Please include as much information as possible including geolocation coordinates, nearest crossroad or walking path to assist our staff in locating the issues within bushland.

Report illegal dumping


Alternatively, please call or email the Community Environmental Officer 9424 0933 or treadlightly@krg.nsw.gov.au