Food waste

food waste

Each year 1.7 million tonnes of food is wasted in New South Wales and most of this comes from our own kitchens. Buying and cooking too much food, not knowing how to store fruits and vegetables correctly and wasting what we already have are all contributing factors to why food ends up in the bin.

Free online cooking school

Well-known cooking school Cornersmith is proud to be an Innovation Partner with Love Food Hate Waste NSW and is offering a series of 4 videos tutorials with founders and teachers Alex and Jaimee, covering storage, dinner ideas, lunch box snacks and Cornersmith's popular waste hacks.

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Get Involved

For businesses wanting to donate or individuals wanting to volunteer:

Oz Harvest - Founded by Ronni Kahn AO in 2004 after noticing the huge volume of food going to waste, OzHarvest has quickly grown to become Australia’s leading food rescue organisation. Volunteer your time or encourage food organisations to donate their leftover quality food.

Second Bite - Ensuring that good food is getting to people who need it most, rather than to landfill, by ending waste and ending hunger.

Foodbank - provides more than 70% of the food rescued for food relief organisations nation-wide.

Composting & Worm Farms

For those scraps that can't be cooked, preserved or given to the chooks - composting is the best thing. Purchase discounted bins and get tips and tricks at Compost Revolution.