Planning proposals

A planning proposal must be submitted to Council if you wish to make any changes to the Ku-ring-gai Local Environmental Plan 2015.

The planning proposal amendment could change the zoning or any standards of a site including height, floor space ratio, heritage or biodiversity status and/or activities permissible on a site.  

View Council's planning proposal process flowchart(PDF, 78KB)

View the Department of Planning and Environment's Local Environmental Plan Making Guideline(PDF, 6MB)

Pre-Lodgement Meeting

Note: All Pre-lodgement Meeting applications must be submitted to Council and NOT to the Department of Planning and Environment's Planning Portal.

A Pre-lodgement Meeting with Council is mandatory at the start of the application process. At this meeting, staff will discuss your proposal, identify key issues and the extent of evidence required to justify your proposal. Written feedback will be provided.

To apply for a Pre-lodgement Meeting:

  1. Complete the Application Form - Application form to request a Pre-lodgement Meeting(PDF, 643KB)
  2. Prepare a Scoping Proposal in accordance with the template - Scoping Proposal Template(PDF, 148KB)
  3. Review the Technical Information Checklist(PDF, 98KB) and identify what additional technical information may be required to support the planning proposal.
  4. Pay the required fees - Pre-lodgement fees(PDF, 239KB)

Planning Proposal

NOTE: All planning proposals must be lodged on the NSW Government's Planning Portal: NSW Planning Portal

A planning proposal must include detailed information. Council strongly recommends you employ a qualified town planner to prepare your proposal. They can advise you about the specialist advice necessary to support your case.

After lodgement, your documents will be checked by Council to determine whether the information provided is complete. 

Fees will be requested in a letter acknowledging that the Planning Proposal Application is complete.

Your application is formally lodged once you are advised that your application is accepted, and the fees are paid.

Planning Proposal Application process:

1. A Planning Proposal application must include the following:

Note: The Planning Proposal document must be presented as per Council's template (provided with the Pre-lodgement Meeting notes).

2. When Council has checked the Application is complete, Council staff will issue an invoice for fee payment.  Advertising fees are to be paid separately and will be requested if a Gateway Determination enables the exhibition of the Planning Proposal.

Planning Proposal Tracker

The Planning Proposal Tracker provides a summary table of all current and historical planning proposals considered by Council.

Planning Proposal Tracker