Speed display program

speed display program  

Council will be installing temporary speed display units in 50km/h Council roads to alert motorists of the speed they are travelling. These speed awareness devices have proven to be highly effective at slowing motorists down and increasing pedestrian safety, particularly in school zones and neighbourhood streets. 

A total of eight speed display units will be temporarily installed in different locations across the Council area. The units may remain in the nominated street for approximately 6 -8 months to allow enough time to have a positive impact on motorist behaviour. The aim is to provide a road safety benefit to the whole community by rotating the units between different locations where speed is an issue.

How the speed display units work

A radar detects the speed of a vehicle as you approach the monitor. One of the following three messages will display:

  • If the motorist is driving at or below the speed limit, the vehicle's speed and then a smiley face is displayed. 
  • If the motorist is driving above the speed limit by up to 9 km/h, the vehicle’s speed and then a frowning face is displayed.
  • If the motorist is driving 10 km/h or more above the speed limit, a slow down message is displayed. 

Speed readings are not used to issue infringement notices. The purpose of the sign is to give motorists feedback on their driving behaviour. 

Location selection

Speed display units are not suitable for all locations within our road network.

When a location is suggested, Council undertakes a site assessment to determine if the location is suitable for a speed display unit. Some factors considered in the site assessment process include:

  • Sufficient vehicle visibility (presence of obstructions such as trees and other traffic signs).
  • Clearance from driveways and infrastructure such as power poles and service pits.
  • Clearance from low-hanging power lines and television cables.
  • Adequate sunlight for the sign's solar panels (away from trees).
  • Separation between other traffic signs to ensure drivers have sufficient time to comprehend and react to messages.
  • Pedestrian movement.

Potential sites are identified based on feedback from the community and the assessment by Council staff.


Residents affected by the installation of the speed display unit will be notified in advance via a letter box drop. A pole will be installed to hold the speed unit and a solar panel. Once Council removes the speed display unit and pole it will be capped at ground level. The speed display unit can then be reused again at that location if required in the future.

More information

Enquiries can be directed to Council’s Traffic and Transport Team on 9424 0940.

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