Performance reporting

Integrated planning and reporting places a strong emphasis on the community being regularly informed of Council’s progress in achieving the community’s vision and long term objectives.

Our performance is measured by:

  • Progress or completion of four-year term achievements as outlined in the Delivery Program.
  • Completion of one-year Operational Plan tasks showing how effective Council were in achieving planned activities during the financial year.
  • Performance indicator achievement which measures effectiveness in the delivery of particular Council services, programs and activities during the financial year (including a 5 year trend analysis).
  • Quadruple Bottom Line indicators which measures performance for key economic, environmental, governance and social indicators (including a 5 year trend analysis).
  • Biennial service performance and community surveys.

Council’s performance is reported in:

Annual Report

An Annual Report is published including Council’s audited Financial Statements, statutory reporting and a summary of achievements and challenges during the financial year, assessed against what Council said it would do.

End of Term Report

An End of Term Report is presented to Councillors in the year of an ordinary Council election, summarising progress implementing the Community Strategic Plan during a Council’s term.


State of Environment Report

The State of Environment Report details progress towards the achievement of long term objectives in the Community Strategic Plan that contribute to environmental outcomes for the Ku-ring-gai local government area.

Service performance and community feedback reports

Council commissions independent community research to examine the community’s priorities, attitudes and perceptions towards Council’s services and facilities.