Eco-friendly events

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Council’s Sustainable Event Management Policy(PDF, 317KB) and Single-use Plastic Policy(PDF, 289KB) ensures single-use plastics (SUPs) are banned from both Council-run and externally run events on Council land. We support Council staff, residents and local event managers to find new ways to move away from single-use plastics. 

How to run your event 

The How to Run a Sustainable Event Guide(PDF, 1MB) is for smaller events with less than 100 people including birthday parties, weddings, family gatherings. It includes tips on catering/ food waste, compostable serving ware, managing your power supply and recycling options.

The guides below will support you to deliver larger events including markets, fetes, seated functions in open spaces and sporting events.

Sustainable Event Management Plan(DOCX, 210KB) - must be submitted along with other compulsory documentation.

Sustainable Event Stallholder Guidelines(PDF, 1023KB)