Lost and found pets

If you have found a dog, firstly check whether it has a dog tag with the owners number or address. If the owner cannot be found please contact Council on 02 9424 0000 and a Council officer will attend to scan the dog for a microchip and either return to the owner or take it to the pound. If you find a dog after-hours you can take it to the Ku-ring-gai pound or a local vet may accept the dog until a Council Officer can collect it.

If you have found a cat, firstly make all attempts to reunite the cat with its owners (ie. ask your neighbours, check for a collar/tag, the cat may also return home on its own). If an owner cannot be found and you believe the cat is lost you can drop the cat to Ku-ring-gai pound or a local vet may accept it to scan for a microchip. Council Officers will only pick up cats in exceptional circumstances.

If you have found any other type of animal (eg. bird, rabbit, etc) please contact RSPCA NSW, AWL NSW or local vets as they may be able to accept the animal to search for the owner or may rehome the animal after a certain period of time.

If you have lost your pet please notify Council by lodging an online request. A Council Officer will contact you to update your contact details and flag the animal as "missing" on the NSW Companion Animal Register. You may also wish to contact the local vets, pounds and neighbours.

Report a lost or found pet