Why work at Ku-ring-gai Council?


At Ku-ring-gai Council, we believe the key to our success is our people and we have a range of initiatives and programs available to encourage our people to develop their skills and career. Here are some of the benefits we offer.

Financial benefits

Competitive remuneration packaging

Ku-ring-gai Council offers competitive salaries above the award rates as well as plenty of appealing benefits noted further below.

Annual Performance Assessment (Perform)

The annual performance appraisal process provides an opportunity to set goals and development items with the potential opportunity to receive a performance increase.

Annual Award increase

The Local Government (State) Award provides an annual award increase to be applied effective the first pay period of each financial year.

Salary sacrifice

Staff have the ability to sacrifice a portion of salary before tax to pay for benefits such as self contributing to their nominated superannuation fund.


Leaseback vehicles

Leaseback vehicles are made available for applicable roles within Council. Staff with a leaseback vehicle also have the option of opting into the Private Use Vehicle Scheme where they pay an agreed rate to use the vehicle for private use.

Professional development

Higher duties

Staff may be provided the opportunity to work in a higher-level position to help a) fill a vacancy for a temporary period and b) to help them develop their skills. Staff are compensated with a higher duties allowance should they be selected to act up in another role.

Study Assistance Program

Staff may be eligible for study assistance to help support them while undertaking studies that relate directly to their position.

Generous staff and leadership development opportunities

Ku-ring-gai have an excellent leadership development program designed to help support the develop of existing and emerging leaders.

Succession planning and internal career opportunities

The development of our staff is important and is driven through our succession planning process. Key individuals in the organisation are identified and provided with additional development to support their careers with Council.

Comprehensive corporate induction program and job related training

New starters are welcomed into the business with a friendly induction conducted by a member of the P&C team. They are then provided with a 1-day comprehensive induction along with a 2-day development course known as '7 Habits of Highly Effective People'.

Work / life balance

35 to 38 hour working week

Eligible positions at Council work a 35-hour working week. These are generally indoor positions whereas our operational roles work a 38-hour week with an RDO per fortnight.

Company bus

Council has a large percentage of staff travelling from the Central Coast, namely our operational workforce. To help ease the burden of travel and to reduce the risk of staff travelling long distances, the Operations department provides two buses to transport operational staff from drop off points on the Central Coast.

The cost for the bus is deducted from the staff member weekly wage before tax.

Generous leave provisions

Further benefits for staff of Council include generous leave provisions including:

  • 20 days of annual leave per year.
  • Paid parental leave for eligible staff (9 weeks at full pay or 18 weeks at half pay).
  • Union Picnic Day – 1 paid day off per year for all Council staff.
  • Access to Long Service Leave after five years of continuous service which accumulates at 1.3 weeks per year.
  • Opportunity to purchase up to 2 weeks of additional annual leave per calendar year.


Flex time for eligible staff

Council has a Flex Leave Policy that effectively provides staff with a 9-day fortnight or 19-day month, depending on the extra hours worked.

Flexible working arrangements

The Local Government (State) Award includes provisions for staff to apply for flexible working arrangements including working from home, a temporary reduction in working hours and options to take leave just to name a few.

Ku-ring-gai Council values the commitment our staff make to supporting the community. This is why we actively promote a healthy work-life balance for our staff and support the application of flexible working arrangements. Flexible working arrangements may be requested by staff to better manage their work and family responsibilities and may include:

  • Working reduced hours.
  • Taking a period of leave.
  • Working from home arrangements.
  • Job share arrangements.
  • Purchasing of additional leave.

Transition to retirement program

The Transition to Retirement program facilitates the opportunity for employees to transition to retirement including gradually reducing their hours, moving to a job share arrangement and the opportunity to take accrued leave.

Foundational benefits

Employee Assistance Program

Council has a commitment to ensure that our employees and their immediate family members have access to support and advice when they experience difficulties in their work, personal or family lives. Access to Council’s Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is free and confidential for Council staff.

Equal employment opportunity employer

Ku-ring-gai Council has an Equal Employment Opportunity Plan that is aimed at promoting diversity and respect in the workplace. It contains a statement of objectives, actions and target dates to achieve Council’s overall strategy for Equal Employment in the workplace.

Ongoing recognition

Online feedback module - the online feedback module is used by staff to recognise the achievements and success of colleagues.

Annual Service Awards - Councils service awards are provided to staff that have achieved either 10, 20, 30 and 40 years continuous service and include a financial reward.

Council's Total Reward & Recognition Program has been carefully designed to provide you with a comprehensive range of benefits that aim to attract, develop, engage and retain our staff. Our Foundational Rewards specifically are designed to provide ongoing recognition to staff through the following means:

  • Annual Service Awards Councils service awards are provided to staff that have achieved either 10, 20, 30 or 40 years continuous service and include a financial reward.
  • Online feedback module - the online feedback module is used by staff to recognise the achievement and success of colleagues throughout the year. It allows staff to share feedback with each other online, recognising reach other for one of four categories; Behavioural Excellence, Performance Excellence, Customer Service Excellence and Innovation Excellence. Feedback given throughout the year will go towards the annual excellence awards that are announced in December.
  • Annual Excellence Awards and Employee of the Year Award. At the end of each year, staff with the most feedback per excellence category will go into the running to receive an excellence award. There is also a nomination period in November each year where staff can nominate each other for the overall Employee of the Year award.  

Health safety and environmental benefits

Discounted gym and aquatic centre membership

To help staff keep active, Council have partnered with a local gym in Pymble to provide discounted annual memberships. The Ku-ring-gai Aquatic Centre also provides staff with a discounted, no lock in membership opportunity at a reduced rate.

Environmentally conscious organisation

Our Fleet team are working towards updating a portion of our fleet to electric vehicles and providing recharge stations around the local government area.

We are committed to improving sustainability outcomes in the Council's operations and service delivery. The Corporate Sustainability Action Plan (CSAP) helps staff achieve sustainable outcomes in their work and personal lives. One of the great initiatives our teams are working on is updating a portion of our fleet to electric vehicles. Another is the recent launch of the Net Zero Strategy and website for the community. Check out the Net Zero website for more information.

Wellbeing program reimbursement

Council's Wellbeing Program Reimbursement allows staff to be reimbursed up to $100 per financial year for wellbeing activities and events (eg. yoga classes, fitness lessons, wellbeing or mental health programs).

Annual health checks

Council organises events throughout the year to assist staff in managing their health and wellbeing including skin screening, flu vaccinations and hearing checks (for applicable roles).