Duty Planner service

Please note: 
The Transport Oriented Development (TOD) is a proposed NSW Government State Environmental Planning Policy allowing for increased housing within walking distance of public transport. 

This is not a Ku-ring-gai Council program and presently there is no confirmation of the details of the policy. For this reason, the Duty Planner Service cannot provide planning advice relating to the TOD. 

For further information on the proposed policy please refer to the NSW Government Transport Oriented Development web page which provides information on the policyIn addition you may find a summarised version on the Ku-ring-gai Council page - Proposed changes to NSW Housing Policy.

Areas covered

The Duty Planner’s function is to provide preliminary planning advice on planning enquiries associated with properties including: 

  • the development assessment process; and
  • the basic planning controls and policies that affect your property (for example, whether your property falls under additional local provisions) and the process for applying for approval to carry out the work.

Areas not covered

The service is not designed to provide detailed planning advice or replace the function of a town planning consultant. As Council has a role in the development assessment process, Council cannot provide merit advice in relation to your proposed building works - this would be a conflict of interest.

In addition, the duty planner cannot:

  • Confirm the land use zone of a property (for assistance with zoning, refer to our zoning page).
  • Confirm whether a proposed development would require approval (eg. exempt or complying development - we offer a pre-Complying Development consultation).
  • Provide advice in relation to rectifying unauthorised works (please speak to our Compliance unit or engage a town planning consultant).
  • Provide advice in relation to a current Development Application - please contact the assessment officer on 9424 0000 between 10am and 11am, Monday to Friday.
  • Review plans with regard to proposed building works (please use our pre-DA consultation).

Pre-purchase enquiries

For pre-purchase enquiries, please see the Section 10.7 certificate contained within the sale of contract for information. If you do not have a certificate, you may purchase one online. If your pre-purchase enquiry relates to covenants and restrictions, please speak to your conveyancer or solicitor.

The Duty Planner cannot provide advice in relation to these matters.

Booking an appointment

The Duty Planner service is a 15 minute phone call appointment (not face to face) and an Australian mobile/landline number must be provided.

Before making an appointment with the Duty Planner please check our FAQs.

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