Proposed traffic projects

Ku-ring-gai Council consults with our community on all proposed traffic changes.

Prior to Council deciding on whether to submit a proposal to the Ku-ring-gai Traffic Committee for its consideration, residents directly affected by the proposal are invited to provide comments, expressing their support or objection. The received feedback will play a crucial role in Council's deliberation on the proposal.

The traffic proposals are categorised into two types - minor proposals and major proposals.

Minor proposals 

Minor traffic proposals are items that only affect residents in the vicinity. Examples include pedestrian facilities, No Parking next to driveways on busy streets, No Stopping around bends, as well as anything that aims to re-enforce the existing road rules.

Minor proposal consultation process

  • Letterbox drop for affected properties within 50m radius of the proposal location.
  • Notify relevant Ward Councillors.
  • Three weeks consultation period.
  • Details of the proposal are added to our Minor traffic proposals page. This is not specifically seeking feedback on the proposal, however, any comments received will be considered on merit.

Providing feedback

If you would like to submit comments for a minor proposal, please contact Council's Traffic and Transport Team at or 9424 0000 quoting the TDA reference number of the proposal. Please include your name and address in the submission. 

Major proposals 

Major traffic proposals include items that affect the traffic flow or parking regulation of a larger area. Examples include roundabouts, speed cushions, intersection changes and turning restrictions.

Major proposals consultation process

  • Letterbox drop for the most affected properties in the vicinity of the proposal location.
  • Advertise on Council's Have Your Say page inviting comments from all members of our community.
  • Three weeks consultation period.
  • Notify relevant Ward Councillors.

Providing feedback

All feedback will be considered. Responses from the most affected residents will carry 'greater weight'.


For any enquiries, please contact Council's Traffic and Transport Team at or 9424 0000.