Contract register

Details of our contracts with the private sector are published online in accordance with the GIPA Act.

The record includes contracts worth more than $150,000 involving:

  • The contractor undertaking a specific project such as construction, infrastructure or property development.
  • The transfer or lease of real property.
  • The contractor agreeing to provide specific goods or services.

Employment contracts are not included in the register.

Confidential information

We don’t publish the following confidential information in the Contract Register:

  • Commercial-in-confidence provisions of a contract.
  • Details of any unsuccessful tender.
  • Any matter that could reasonably be expected to affect public safety or security.
  • Any information where there is an overriding public interest against disclosure.

Commercial-in-confidence provisions of a contract refer to information which:

  • Would reveal the contractor's financing arrangements, financial modelling, cost structure or profit margins.
  • Could place the contractor at a substantial commercial disadvantage in present or future dealings with us.
  • Would disclose any intellectual property in which the contractor has an interest.

Contract register

Reference Description Contractor Value GIPA Class Date Effective GIPA Document
RFP2-2023  Collaroy Veterinary Services Provision of Companion Animal Services Schedule of Rates 1 01/11/2023 2023/392965(PDF, 139KB)
2023/374066 Contract to Conduct 2024 Elections NSW Electoral Commission $999,979.00 2 05/06/2023 2023/374066(PDF, 133KB)
RFQ11-2023 Design, engineering and consulting services - Lindfield Avenue streetscape improvement project Group GSA $318,615.00 1 26/06/2023 2023/242090(PDF, 134KB)
RFQ7-2023 Gordon North Streetscape Improvements Project Complete Urban Pty Ltd $214,439.50 1 31/05/2023 2023/374069(PDF, 135KB)
2023/374068 Indoor Sports Centre, St Ives High School The Minister of Education and Early Learning on behalf of the Department of Education $26,641,000.00 3 13/02/2023 2023/374068(PDF, 158KB)
RFT4-2023 KFAC - 50m Pool Refurbishment Metz Project Services Pty Ltd $280,000.00 1 10/07/2023 2023/396302(PDF, 134KB)
RFT17-2022 Civil works Catherine Street, St Ives KK Consultants Pty Ltd $498,755.00 1 13/12/2022 2023/353369(PDF, 110KB)
RFT16-2022 Philip Mall Play Space Upgrade  Growth Civil Landscapes Pty Ltd  $294,966.94 1 13/12/2022 2023/353370(PDF, 110KB)
RFT14-2022  Legal Services Panel Panel Schedule of Rates 1 13/12/2022 2023/353359(PDF, 116KB)
RFT12-2022  Gordon Tennis Pavilion and Gateway Structure restoration Yunz Contracting Pty Ltd $441,759.00 1 26/07/2022 2023/353375(PDF, 111KB)
RFT11-2022  Nar-rang Play Space upgrade GJs Landscapes Pty Ltd $411,532.25 1 28/6/2022 2023/353381(PDF, 110KB)
RFT10-2022 Grass Mowing Services Contract 2022-2027 Northern Sector Asplundh Tree Expert Australia Pty Ltd t/a Summit Open Space Services Schedule of Rates 1 20/09/2022 2023/353364(PDF, 113KB)
RFT10-2022 Grass Mowing Services Contract 2022-2027 Southern Sector Envirolands Landscape Contractors t/a Hideaway Landscapes Pty Ltd Schedule of Rates 1 20/09/2022 2023/353364(PDF, 113KB)
RFT9-2022 Tree Maintenance Service Contract 2022-2027 Panel Schedule of Rates 1 20/09/2022 2023/353368(PDF, 113KB)
RFT7-2022 Street Sweeping Specialised Pavement Services Pty Ltd $5,333,850.00 1 15/11/2022 2023/354828(PDF, 111KB)
RFT6-2022  Dukes Green Play Space upgrade Go Gardening Pty Ltd $438,073.00 1 26/04/2022 2023/353392(PDF, 110KB)
RFT5-2022  Robert Pymble Park Play Space upgrade Growth Civil Landscapes Pty Ltd $794,964.34 1 26/04/2022 2023/353396(PDF, 110KB)
RFT4-2022  Kendall Village Play Space upgrade GJs Landscapes Pty Ltd $377,339.00 1 06/09/2022 2023/353398(PDF, 111KB)
RFT3-2022 Neighbourhood Centre Upgrade Fox Valley Road, Wahroonga Convil Group Pty Ltd $456,499.70 1 24/05/2022 2023/353402(PDF, 111KB)
RFT2-2022 Lease and Fitout, 261 Mona Vale Road, St Ives Wao Pty Ltd Lease  1 01/11/2022 2023/353408(PDF, 149KB)
RFT16-2021 Orange Green Playspace upgrade GJs Landscapes Pty Ltd $260,426.70 1 24/05/2022 2023/353430(PDF, 111KB)
RFT15-2021 St Johns Avenue Streetscape upgrade Stage 2 QMC Group $3,215,460.95 1 19/10/2021 2023/353438(PDF, 112KB)
RFT13-2021 ZEN Energy KRG Electricity Supply Agreement Schedule of Rates 2 01/07/2022 2023/353347(PDF, 167KB)
RFT13-2021 ZEN Energy SSROC Preferred Supplier Master Agreement Schedule of Rates 2 01/07/2022 2023/353347(PDF, 167KB)
RFT12-2021 Plumbing and electrical emergency and maintenance services - panel Panel Schedule of Rates 1 26/04/2022 2023/353378(PDF, 110KB)
RFT8-2021 Acceptance, Processing and Marketing of Recyclables Visy Recycling Pty Ltd $1,250,000 payable to Council 1 1/02/2022 2022/111544(PDF, 101KB)
RFT17-2021 Warrimoo Oval Playspace Upgrade GJ's Landscaping $432,970.00 1 27/01/2022 2022/111545(PDF, 102KB)
RFT18-2021  Samuel King Oval Amenities Upgrade Makki Pty Ltd $624,643.53 1 27/01/2022 2022/111546(PDF, 101KB)
RFT5-2021 Select Tender - Security Services - Whole of Govt Contract Quest Effect Pty Ltd Schedule of Rates 1 8/02/2022 2022/111542(PDF, 101KB)
EOI25-2015 Licence Agreement - Occupation of Land for Adventure Course Treetops Adventures Holdings Pty Ltd $150,000 payable to Council 1 1/07/2021 2022/111540(PDF, 101KB)
RFT9-2021  Stormwater and synthetic sportsfield upgrade Turfone Pty Ltd $3,164,717 1 11/11/2021 2022/034732(PDF, 102KB)
RFT6-2021 Ku-ring-gai Fitness and Aquatic Centre indoor pool refurbishment Metz Project Services Pty Ltd $265,000 1 06/08/2021 2022/034731(PDF, 158KB)
RFT3-2021 St Ives Showground kiosk Luc Pizza Kitchen Pty Ltd $180,000 1 01/09/2021 2022/034727(PDF, 129KB)
RFT2-2021 Lindfield Village Green cafe Urban Artisans Pty Ltd t/as OLEA Group Pty Ltd $720,000 1 01/09/2021 2022/034733(PDF, 129KB)
RFT14-2020 Recreation precinct - St Ives Village Green Growth Civil Landscaping Pty Ltd  $2,724,102.47  13/04/2021  2021/251857(PDF, 156KB)  
RFT13-2020  Drainage works - Oliver Road and Trafalgar Avenue, Roseville  Statewide Civil Pty Ltd  $338,774.99  13/04/2021  2021/251851(PDF, 103KB)  
RFT10-2020  3 x Lift renewal, 828 Pacific Highway, Gordon  Kone Elevators  $898,584  13/04/2021  2021/251843(PDF, 103KB)  
RFT6-2020  Waste Collection Services  Veolia  $10million per annum  06/09/2021  2021/251834(PDF, 133KB)  
RFT3-2020  Bushland Services  Panel  Schedule of rates > $150,000  22/09/2020  2021/025905(PDF, 111KB)  
RFT17-2019  Lease of Old Headmasters Cottage 175 Rosedale Road St Ives  L Lila Holdings Pty Ltd (ABN 86 131 510 088)  $390,000  01/03/2020  2019/370335(PDF, 131KB)  
RFT11-2019 Design and Construct - Select Tender LVG - Head Contractor Kane Constructions Pty Ltd $25,646,320 3 15/04/2020 2020/126680(PDF, 104KB)
RFT 12-2019 Golf Professional and Management Services North Turramurra Golf Course Elite Golf NSW Pty Ltd 8% green fees 1 14/11/2019 2020/109693(PDF, 102KB)
RFT 7-2019 Building - Schedule of Rates Panel Schedule of Rates > $150,000 1 22/10/2019 2020/109700(PDF, 112KB)
RFT 14-2019 Processing and marketing green waste Suez Recycling & Recovery Pty Ltd $3,140,700 1 03/12/19 2019/370351(PDF, 202KB)
RFT 3-2019 Select Tender - Project Manager - SGC Prequal List Cadence Australia Pty Ltd $201,346 1 21/06/19 2019/370340(PDF, 103KB)
RFT 07-2017 Property Management Services Commercial - CBRE Schedule of rates >$150,000 1 30/06/18 2019/370345(PDF, 132KB)
RFT 6-2019 Design Services - Marian StTheatre TZG Tonkin Zuliakha Greer $415,923 1 14/06/19 2019/206679(PDF, 128KB)
RFT31-2018 Advice and support for portfolio of major property development projects Panel Schedule of rates > $150,000 1 08/07/19 2019/206668(PDF, 192KB)
RFT 26-2018 Drainage condition assessment CCTV - Panel Panel Schedule of rates > $150,000 1 29/03/19 2019/130944(PDF, 72KB)


RFT 21-2018


Masterplanning and tender technical services for Lindfield Village Hub Allen Jack+Cottier Architects Pty Ltd




1 16/08/18 2019/127583(PDF, 46KB)


RFT 20-2018


Lindfield Village Green design consultant services DEM (Aust) Pty Ltd




1 07/11/18 2019/127567(PDF, 46KB)


RFT 18-2018 Minor civil works


Panel Schedule of rates > $150,000 1 27/11/18 2019/130943(PDF, 89KB)


RFT 17-2017 Lindfield Village Living design consultant services Olsson and Associates Architects Pty Ltd $946,216


1 19/12/17 2019/127393(PDF, 46KB)


RFT 12-2017 Project Legal Services - Lindfield Community Hub Minter Ellison


$206,000 1 10/04/18 2019/128877(PDF, 46KB)


RFT 29-


SHOROC stormwater inspection clean and maintenance Panel Schedule of rates > $150,000


1 08/01/15 2019/130939(PDF, 50KB)