Council Meeting live stream

Council is committed to open, accessible and transparent government and our monthly Council Meetings are streamed live on our website.

For assistance viewing the video, please read our FAQs below.

Enquiries: Manager Governance and Corporate Strategy or 9424 0000.

Ordinary Meeting of Council Tuesday 16 July

Ordinary Meeting of Council Tuesday 18 June

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Terms of live stream

  • The camera is positioned on the Mayor, Councillors and Council staff. Members of the public are not shown on camera. Any part of the meeting that is held in closed session is not recorded.
  • A video of the Council Meeting is available to the public for a period of four years following the meeting.
  • Ku-ring-gai Council does not accept liability for any defamatory remarks or inappropriate comments that are made during the course of a meeting.
  • Recordings of Council Meetings are copyright protected and cannot be reused or reproduced without approval from Council. A fault in the technology or an inability to stream a meeting will not invalidate decisions from the meeting.
  • The material shall not be used to misrepresent, ridicule or cause detriment to another person or for the purposes of satire or advertising.

Live stream troubleshooting FAQs

My video is not playing 

Here are some solutions if your live stream is not playing:

  • Check the live stream video has not been paused. This sometimes can happen if you click on the video or maximise the size of the screen. Press play and wait up to two minutes to see if the video recommences.
  • Check you have a functioning internet connection.
  • Turn your device off and back on to see if the issue resolves itself.
  • Check that your internet connection is not being filtered by a security device such as a firewall or proxy. Go into your security settings to check this.

I can only see an image and no live video

Please note that there will be a placeholder image over the video (image of the Council Chambers meeting room) which is only removed once the Council Meeting starts at 7pm.

What do I need to view the videos?

You need a laptop, PC or smart phone with an internet connection and speakers.

What is the possible data usage for live stream

To view on high definition (720p) the live stream can use up to 1GB of data an hour. Check your data plan to ensure you have enough capacity to stream videos.

What connection speed is required to watch the videos?

2-3 Mbps bandwidth is required to stream this video at a reasonable quality.

How soon after a Council Meeting will the video be available to watch?

In most cases the video is available to watch one day after the live stream has concluded. This video is made available on the Council website and on Ku-ring-gai Council's YouTube channel.