Colours of Us exhibition

5 - 19 September 2023

This exhibition celebrates the work of over 15 artists with Cerebral Palsy, from Cerebral Palsy Alliance’s, St Ives Lifestyles Centre.

With a collection of works all unique to each individual’s expression, imagination, development and engagement of art in their own extraordinary ways.

Some of artists use their feet to move paint, while others wear head straps with paintbrushes and their stroke work comes from the movement of their neck, some of our artists use music to guide their art experience and others use modified brushes, rollers, or alternative adaptive techniques. 

All the artists at the Cerebral Palsy Alliance, St Ives Lifestyles Centre are incredibly creative, positive and have a love and passion for art that they wish to share with their community. This collection of works is titled “Colours of Us”, as we celebrate the different colours that make and form our lives and art experiences.