Kids clothes, books and toy swap

Next date: Saturday, 31 August 2024 | 10:00 AM to 01:00 PM

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Join our Net Zero Champions as we host a kid's toys, books and clothes swap for ages 0-12. Bring along gently used kid's clothes and toys and swap them for fresh additions to your little one's wardrobe and toy collection. It's a fantastic opportunity to give pre-loved items a new life, while discovering exciting new treasures.

We encourage you to take more than you bring, ensuring everyone benefits in reducing waste.

What to bring

  • Clothing: Used clothes, shoes and hats in good condition that you would be happy to wear. Please don't bring underwear or dirty or broken/torn items.
  • Toys: Gently used toys are preferred, they should be clean, in good condition and with all essential parts intact. Please only bring toys that are smaller than a backpack.
  • Mechanical/electronic components should be in working order.
  • Complete sets: If a toy originally came with accessories or instructions, please include these for a more satisfying swapping experience.
  • Battery check: Check and replace batteries in battery-operated toys. 

How does the event work?

Volunteers will check you in on the day, noting how many items you bring in and then again on your way out. Categories are interchangeable i.e. if you bring 10 clothing items, you can still pick up 10 items whether they are clothes, toys or books. 

Clothing up to two years old: NO SWAP NEEDED as we always have clothes leftover.


  • Do I need to stay for the whole event? No, you can come at any time; we will collect your items, roughly estimate how many you brought and it will be sorted by our volunteers.
  • What if I don’t find anything I like? Then you can pick your own items back if it hasn’t been taken by anyone else in the meantime; you can donate your items or hang around for a bit at the market and come back later when we have got new stock for you to choose from.

How does this impact Net Zero: Waste

By exchanging used clothes and toys and giving them a longer life, you will help to reduce the amount of clothing sent to landfill and contribute to our zero emissions goals.



  • Saturday, 31 August 2024 | 10:00 AM - 01:00 PM


Douglas Pickering Pavilion, St Ives Showground, 450 Mona Vale Road, St Ives, 2075, View Map

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