Urban Murals

Urban murals

Mural art

Council has been working with local artists to commission a range of new works featuring our native plants and animals.

2022 installations 

Ku-ring-gai Wildflower Garden near the Visitor Centre

A story of beauty and flight. The interwoven connection of sky and land. Spoken through a balance of opposites. The contrast between detail and abstraction. We hope to inspire a moment of reflection and appreciation upon the sheer beauty of nature at our doorstep. In the process merging the natural world into the built environment.

About the artists

  • Grant Molony: Growing up on the Central Coast the natural environment and family are his biggest sources of inspiration. His work consists of detailed ink, acrylic with hits of watercolour. Portraits and animals are a constant theme amidst his practice.
  • Jason Goulding: Jason’s work is created using organic and detailed linework brought together with colour and shape, using acrylics, ink, timber and resin. He works across a range of mediums including graphic design, illustration and fine art. 

St Ives Showground gate 4

I wanted to create a piece that was captivating and has a wide appeal to audiences as if it's a snapshot into the bushlands and national park that surround the mural site. The blurred golden backgrounds are reminiscent of what your eyes do when we focus upon something that capturesour attention. The birds and flowers are prominent within the surrounding bushland and give viewers a snapshot into the inhabitants amongst them.

About the artist

Reuben Boughtwood - Reubszz - is a Sydney based Artist originally from Aoeteroa New Zealand. His work consists of large scale artworks and studio pieces. He approaches his work from a realistic standpoint and where possible likes to reference his own photographs in his paintings. He loves to explore the relationships between people and their environment.

Artist at work

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*Artists went through an application process assessed by a judging panel consisting of both Council and community art representatives.