Explore our bush trails

Wildflower Garden bushwalk

Short walks 200m to 500m

Brown Trail

Distance: 300m  Time: 10min
This is a short sealed walk. Look closely for small orange Sydney Spiny Crayfish in the creek beneath Donnelly’s Swamp. Listen for the loud ‘crack’ call of the Eastern Whipbird followed by the short return call by the female. Access to the start of the Mueller Track is from the Brown Trail.

Banks Track and Boardwalk

Distance: 300m  Time: 10min
Take a leisurely stroll along a boardwalk and sandstone track overlooking an area of Coastal Upland Swamp.  A wonderful walk to see and hear small birds. Listen for the chittering warble of the Variegated Wren and the sharp ‘bark’ of the Red Wattlebird. A favourite haunt of wallabies.

Smith Track

Distance: 400m  Time: 15min
A short walk with steep sections linking Caley’s Pavilion with Cunningham’s Rest, passing through Scribbly Gum  and Bloodwood trees to an open heathland area.

Bentham Track

Distance: 300m  Time: 15min
An enjoyable short walk through banksia heathland and rocky terrain, between Lambert’s Clearing and Cunningham’s Rest. Connects to the Smith and Caley Tracks.

Caley Track

Distance: 200m  Time: 5min
An alternative route between the Bentham Track and Lambert’s Clearing, with a pleasant westerly aspect. Dense trees along this track provide cover for small birds.

Senses Track

Distance: 500m  Time: 15min
This pleasant sealed track is suitable for strollers, wheelchairs, elderly and visually impaired. The track is located near the entrance to the garden and features self-guided signage. The shale soil sustains taller trees creating an area of open woodland habitat.

Longer walks 2km to 3km

Mueller Track

Distance: 3km  Time: 2hrs
The Mueller Track can be accessed from the Visitor Centre and from the Brown Trail near Lambert’s Clearing. The most rugged and remote of our walks, the track follows the creeklines of two valleys. Ku-ring-gai Creek flows through tall red gums and coachwoods before tumbling down Phantom Falls and converging with Tree Fern Gully Creek near a delightful stopping-place known as Whipbird Gully. Along Tree Fern Gully creek you will find a smaller set of falls and also Billy’s Bridge, a natural rock arch named after a local aboriginal character. Please ensure you are well-prepared for this bushwalk and take plenty of water. Please note that monitoring cameras are installed at sections of the track. These cameras are observing native animals and any incidents of roaming dogs.

Solander Trail

Distance: 2km  Time: 45min
This sealed walk winds its way through typical Hawkesbury Sandstone habitat. During the winter and spring it comes alive with wildflowers. Listen for the calls of lyrebirds further down the valley. The track passes through Lambert’s Clearing, a pleasant place to pause and enjoy the wildlife and planted native gardens. The Solander Trail is suitable for strollers and bicycles but has some steep sections.