Warrimoo Downhill Mountain Bike Trail

Mountain biking at Warrimoo Trail

The Warrimoo Trail network is located in one of Ku-ring-gai’s most ecologically significant bushland reserves, where numerous threatened species occur. The Recreation in Natural Areas Strategy Council commissioned an ecological feasibility study and consulted with mountain bikers, environmental groups, ecologists and local residents to find a sustainable solution to provide this world-class downhill experience.

Recreation in Natural Areas Strategy

We encourage the community to enjoy our bushland with minimal impact.

View our current Recreation in Natural Areas Strategy(PDF, 5MB).

Safety on the trail

Mountain biking is an exciting and popular sport and downhill tracks are one of the most popular and exciting styles. This track offers skilled riders the opportunity to experience a world-class downhill mountain biking experience in an incredible bushland setting.

Trail rating

The trail is broken up into sections. It consists of a small beginners loop and a 600m one-way double black diamond rated downhill trail with an associated return climb route. This means it is for skilled and experienced riders only. Ride within your limits!

Ku-ring-gai Council and the local community welcome you to this site and ask that you follow guidelines to help protect the site and its biodiversity, ensuring that the experience of downhill riding is able to be enjoyed by everyone.

Warrimoo Mountain Bike Trail map

Maintaining the trail

The mountain biking community worked together with Council to construct the Warrimoo Downhill Mountain Bike Trail and our ‘Moo Volunteers’ continue to work to maintain it. Show your respect by observing the rules and contact Council if you want to be part of the volunteer crew below.

Moo volunteers

Register for more information on becoming a Trailcare volunteer.

Beyond the bike

To elevate the experience for riders and walkers, in the coming months Council will be installing interpretive signs along the walk-up section of the trail. These signs will provide an insight into the biodiversity, cultural and aboriginal heritage, trail construction, local community and the flora and fauna which make Warrimoo a unique site. Take your time to learn more about the bushland reserve and the trail itself.

Future works

Ku-ring-gai Council plans to complete a further section of the return climb trail as Stage 2 works.

Other trails

Illegal track construction

Illegal trail construction can cause long-term damage to bushland, threatened species and their habitats. Our native species and ecological communities are protected under the Biodiversity Conservation Act 2016 - ignoring this could lead to prosecution.

Ku-ring-gai Council has an obligation to prevent damage within bushland reserves and will remove illegal structures and seek to rehabilitate areas where illegal trails have been created.


Contact the Environment & Sustainability Team naturalareas@kmc.nsw.gov.au or 9424 0000.