RecycleSmart Pickups

We have partnered with RecycleSmart to make recycling even easier!

Subscribe to RecycleSmart's Power Pickup service to have your hard to recycle items picked up from your doorstep and recycled at no additional charge. Items include soft plastics, e-waste, clothes, batteries, light bulbs and more.

Please note this service is for Ku-ring-gai residents only.

Get started on the RecycleSmart website

How it works

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1. Pack your bag

Fill any shopping bag you have at home (roughly 40x40x20cm) with hard to recycle items. 
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 2. Book your pick up

Tell us your pickup address and a date that's convenient. You don't even need to be home.

Bookings can be made on the RecycleSmart website or through their app.

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 3. We do the rest

Place the bag (s) outside your house on the pickup date. RecycleSmart will then pick it up and take it to a recycling drop off point.

Explaining the Power Pickup  

Thanks to Council's partnership, residents are now eligible for a recurring Power Pickup collection at no additional charge. RecycleSmart will come and collect up to two bags at no cost each time. Simply choose 'Free and recurring plan' at checkout.

The waiting time between two free collections will vary depending on availability. If you have any additional bags for collection, you can add them for $7 per bag.

If you need an extra collection in between, you can also book one directly with RecycleSmart: $15 per collection, minimum 2 bags. 

Accepted items

  • E-waste - Small items such as old phones, charging cords, laptops, tablets, play-stations, kettles, toaster, iron, etc.
  • Soft plastics - This includes any plastic that you can crunch up in your hand. For example, food packaging, plastic bags, bread plastic bags, bubble wrap etc.
  • Clothing - All wearable clothing, non wearable clothes, shoes, belts and handbags.
  • Polystyrene - Hard, clean, white and preferably not broken up.
  • Misfits and problem waste - This includes household batteries, polystyrene, fluoros, light globes, printer cartridges, x-ray films, smoke alarms, blister packs etc.

Full list of accepted items


Read our Frequently Asked Questions for more information(PDF, 202KB)

For any further enquiries please contact RecycleSmart.