Payment methods

We accept the following payment methods except where stated on a particular form:

Please note any credit card payments will incur the following charges: Visa, MasterCard and American Express - 0.75%.

Building and development

Application for inspection of swimming pool barrier

*Please be advised:
Due to the impacts of COVID 19, staff retiring and staff leave there is currently approximately a 4 week delay for Pool Inspections to allow for application processing.

Application for a building information certificate (formerly known as 149D building certificate) *

* Please read the Information sheet for application for building information certificate(PDF, 178KB) before lodging

Notice of Commencement of Building Works(PDF, 818KB)

Bushfire risk assessment certificate(PDF, 150KB)

Lodge a certificate application online

Owners Consent Form(PDF, 204KB)

Development Application checklist(PDF, 174KB)

Development Application Valuation of Works Estimate Sheet(PDF, 220KB)

Development Application guide(PDF, 6MB)

DA Assessment process fact sheet(PDF, 346KB)

Request for driveway levels

Extension of term of development consent(PDF, 82KB)

Dividing fencing proposal

Application for out of hours work *

* Please read the Information sheet out of hours work(PDF, 350KB) before applying

Planning proposals

Pre complying development consultation information sheet(PDF, 245KB)

Pre complying development consultation service (online application)

Agreement for the performance of certification work(PDF, 111KB)

Plan of subdivision lodgement(PDF, 107KB)

Private use of road reserve and nature strips online application *

Please read the Private Use of Road Reserve and Nature Strips policy(PDF, 275KB) before lodging

Application for change of property owner address(PDF, 31KB)

Review of DA modification determination Section 4.54(PDF, 564KB)

Review of DA modification determination Section 96AB(PDF, 264KB)

Road opening permit

Swimming Pool Register NSW registration form for public use(PDF, 199KB)

Application to install manufactured home, moveable dwelling or associated structure and temporary structure(PDF, 70KB)

Works zone application(PDF, 169KB)

Development application (pre-DA consultation)

Pre-DA consultation service

Thank you for your interest in lodging a Pre-DA application.

Due to it's popularity the current processing time for a Pre-DA Consultation, form lodgement to completion date, is approximately 4-8 weeks. This is to ensure we continue to offer quality of service and advice.

Learn more about applying for a Pre-DA Consultation.

Pre-DA consultation service during Christmas and New Year

To ensure we continue to offer a quality service, no applications for Pre-DA consultations will be accepted between 1 December 2022 and 14 February 2023 due to staff leave and business closures over the holiday season. The Pre-DA service will resume from 15 February 2023.


Fire safety

Please click the link below for information concerning Fire Safety Statements and Fire Safety Certificates and access to the standard template forms published by the NSW Government:

Department of Planning, Industry and Environment - fire safety

Local Government Act 1993 - S68

Amusement rides and devices(PDF, 587KB)

Application for mobile food vendors

Application for permanent placement of waste/recycling container in public place(PDF, 98KB)

Application for placement of skip bin in public place(PDF, 581KB)

Application to place clothing bin in a public place(PDF, 70KB)

Application for tower cranes to swing or hoist across Council property(PDF, 314KB)

Application to hoist or pump material across footpath or public road(PDF, 101KB)

Application to display goods on the footpath or under an awning

Application to engage in a trade or business on community land

Application to erect barricade or hoarding on footpath - standard *

* Please note: application fee only charged on lodgement. Additional charges will follow after review.

Application to erect barricade or hoarding on footpath - urgent *

* Please note: application fee only charged on lodgement. Additional charges will follow after review (within 48 hours).

Application to operate a loudspeaker/amplification device(PDF, 581KB)

Application for outdoor dining on the footpath

Public car park(PDF, 241KB)

Place of public entertainment(PDF, 125KB)

Install manufactured home, moveable dwelling or associated structure & temporary structure(PDF, 70KB)

Busking application(PDF, 228KB)

Application to store material on footpath(PDF, 572KB)

Application for waste treatment device or storage facility - install, construct or alter(PDF, 288KB)

Application for operation of a sewer management system(PDF, 153KB)

Application to modify a Section 68 consent(PDF, 70KB)

Application to modify a Section 68 consent - outdoor dining(PDF, 118KB)

Application for extension of a Section 68 consent(PDF, 67KB)

Application for review of a Section 68 consent(PDF, 69KB)