Stormwater management charge

The Stormwater Management Charge is levied under Section 496A of the Local Government Act, 1993.

The Stormwater Management Charge is spent on building, upgrading and maintaining Ku-ring-gai's stormwater system. This helps to reduce flooding and water damage from heavy rain, and also prevents litter and other pollutants from washing off roads and into local creeks and waterways.

The Stormwater Management Charge is ongoing. This year the charge is:

  • $25 per residential dwelling;
  • $12.50 per strata residential unit;
  • a minimum of $5.00 or the relevant portion of the maximum annual charge that would apply to the land subject to the strata scheme if it were a parcel of land subject to the Business rateable property charge;
  • $25 per 350m2 for business properties (maximum charge $1,500).

Approximately $996,000 will be raised by this charge. This will be spent on projects such as:

  • Constructing more stormwater inlets and grates.
  • Retrofitting pipes to carry more water.
  • More frequent inspections.
  • Cleaning pollutant traps.