Quotations and payments for local infrastructure contributions

If you are an applicant or owner undertaking a feasibility assessment on a proposed development application or complying development certificate, it is preferable to contact Council on 02 9424 0000 for a tailored quotation.

Council staff can verify the catchment of the site you are considering and supply the current inflated s7.11 (formerly s94) contribution rates for multiple areas. In addition, the application, or otherwise, of the $20,000 threshold can be discussed with specific reference to your selected sites. This will better support you to calculate an estimated contribution rate for different types of unit mix.

Should you wish to proceed without direct assistance, please find below the current s7.11 contribution rates in the Ku-ring-gai Local Government Area. Please note that credits for demolition of existing housing and/or commercial space, may also attract credits at the same published rates. Please refer to the catchment maps on the webpage for Ku-ring-gai Contributions Plan 2010 to ensure you are referencing the correct catchment area.

Download the current rates(PDF, 111KB).

Paying your Local Infrastructure Contributions

If you are an applicant or owner with a current development consent, including a complying development certificate, please contact Council on 02 9424 0000 before making a payment. This is to ensure the contributions are current as at the date of payment.

The monetary contribution is the most common means of development contribution. In the case of contributions from small scale development, it is generally expected that these will be in the form of a monetary payment.

Payment must be in the form of cash, debit card (EFTPOS), direct debit, or by bank cheque. Council does not accept credit cards, personal cheques or company cheques for the payment of development contributions. For enquiries, please contact Council's Customer Service Centre, Monday to Friday between 8:30am and 5pm on 02 9424 0000.

Ku-ring-gai Council applies inflation to all unpaid development contributions - please refer to the relevant contributions plan and the conditions of consent. Information on how we inflate s7.11 contributions can be found on pages 60-61 of Ku-ring-gai Contributions Plan 2010. Details of how we inflate s7.12 contributions can be found on page 25 of Ku-ring-gai s7.12 Local Levy Contributions Plan 2023. Contributions continue to inflate until they are paid.

Responsibilities of Private Certifiers

It is Ku-ring-gai Council's view that it is the professional responsibility of individual certifiers to accurately calculate and apply the contribution according to the conditions of consent. If you are unsure about the content to be included, especially in respect of s7.11 contributions, please contact Council directly on 02 9424 0000 or krg@krg.nsw.gov.au.