Food safety

Allergen awareness

Free online Food Allergy Training courses are available from the National Allergy Council.

These courses have been designed to assist:

  • food business owners and managers;
  • cooks, chefs and caterers;
  • food service attendants and front of house staff;
  • other staff working in general food service.

Courses can be completed within one hour and help staff working in food businesses to:

  • gain knowledge about food allergens;
  • communicate with customers about their food allergy;
  • read food labels to identify food allergens in products;
  • recognise food preparation methods to minimise the risk of an allergic reaction.

A certificate is issued at the completion of the course.

Food handler basic training

Free online food handler basic training is available on the NSW Food Authority's website. Food Handler Basics is a free, non-accredited, online training course that covers the basic knowledge requirements for food handlers under the Food Standards Code. Participants work through 7 food safe handling modules and an assessment at the end. Those who achieve a score of 100% can receive a certificate of acknowledgement. It is important to note that this certificate is not a Food Safety Supervisor Certificate. More information is available on the NSW Food Authority's website.

Council newsletters for Ku-ring-gai food businesses

Newsletters for food businesses in Ku-ring-gai for information on the latest rules for your business, changes to NSW food legislation, Council inspections and other important food safety messages.

Issue 1: Food safety inspections(PDF, 3MB)

Issue 2: Companion and assistance animals(PDF, 2MB)

Issue 3: Protecting food in storage(PDF, 1MB)

Issue 4: Changes impacting childcare services, school canteens, not for profit organisations and charities(PDF, 4MB)

Issue 5: Temperature monitoring and temperature probes(PDF, 1MB)