Drink driving

drink driving

Be creative, choose a Plan B and avoid drink driving

Ku-ring-gai Council is encouraging its residents and visitors to think about their Plan B before heading out.

Drink driving is one of the biggest causes of death and injury on NSW roads. In 2019, there were 61 people killed and 285 people injured in crashes involving drivers who were over the legal blood alcohol limit. Men make up 87 per cent of drink drivers involved in fatal crashes.

So have a 'Plan B' - an alternate way home that doesn’t involve driving if you have been drinking alcohol.

Your Plan B could include:

  • arranging a lift with a sober driver;
  • sharing a taxi;
  • using public transport;
  • staying on a friend’s couch;
  • booking accommodation near the party venue.

The Plan B Drink Drive Campaign is about encouraging people to make positive choices to get home safely after a night out, reinforcing the safety message that if you are having a few drinks, driving is NOT an option.

Council is working closely with participating local bottle shops to support the initiative through displaying posters that promote the Plan B message.