Slow Down in Our Street

Slow Down in Our Street is a local road safety project jointly funded by TNSW and Ku-ring-gai Council. 

Every driver travelling on Ku-ring-gai roads is asked to Slow Down in Our Street and make our local roads safer for all road users. 

Speed is the highest identifiable factor in crashes within Ku-ring-gai LGA. TNSW data shows that in the Ku-ring-gai LGA in 2018, 8.1% of all crashes invloved speed. 

The likelihood of being in a crash, resulting in a serious casualty, rises significantly with even minor changes in travelling speed.

Australian research shows that the risk of a serious casualty crash doubles with just a 5 km/h speed increase on 60 km/h urban roads.

Council will also be spreading the Slow Down message via social media, outdoor advertising and Police enforcement where possible.

Slow Down in Our Street bin stickers

Would you like to help remind motorists to drive slowly and responsibly on our local streets?

You can play your part in encouraging safe driving behaviour by placing a Slow Down sticker on your bin.

Order Slow Down in Our Street bin sticker

Note: Bin stickers are available to Ku-ring-gai Council residents only. Please see ordering limits per household on order form.