Waste strategy

In March 2020 the Council adopted a new waste strategy after consultation with residents during late 2019. The waste strategy was prepared ahead of the Council’s new waste contract that will come into effect in September 2021.

The waste strategy proposes a number of actions in key areas:

  • Maintain current domestic waste and recycling services.
  • Adjust clean-up service to 4 services per year.
  • A booked bulky green waste service to substitute green waste vouchers and mobile chipping service.
  • Investigate options for waste recovery at the kerbside for e-waste, mattresses and metals.
  • Investigate options for weekly green waste service as per Council`s previous resolution when considering additional bush fire protection for residents.
  • Continue research and development into further recovery opportunities for recycling including soft plastics.
  • Provide additional resources for community information, promotion and education.
  • Continue with development of engineering waste recovery including road re-surfacing and other opportunities with projects.
  • Continue with Council’s commercial waste and recycling services for business and schools in the local government area.
  • Continue to improve litter and dumped waste management.

Waste Management Strategy(PDF, 5MB)