DA tracking

Development application tracking is a free service providing fast, convenient access to DA status, information and public documents 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Also available is information on construction certificates (CC) and complying development certificates (CDC) that have been issued for a property and Building Information Certificates (Unauthorised Works) under assessment or issued for works on a property.

Please note: Documents and plans for CC and CDC applications are not available via DA Tracking – you will need to apply for these under a GIPA application. To find out more please see Councils page on Access to Information.

The following DA related documents can be viewed on the tracker:

  • Any associated plans and documents.
  • Any amended plans or documents submitted during assessment.
  • Notices of determination and approved plans.

You now also have access to view the 3D Digital Model for applicable development applications. Click here for instructions on how to use the 3D viewer - Tips for viewing 3D Digital Models(PDF, 296KB)

Please note: 3D Models are only required to be submitted for larger scale development proposals like Seniors Living developments or Residential Flat Buildings. Relevant applications will have a link on the information page for the application in DA Tracking. 

There are two option to search and track development applications:

  1. DA tracking application search*

Use this option to search for an individual DA, to view DAs currently on notification or to view DAs submitted/determined in the past week or month.

Search DA tracking

2. DA tracking map view

Use this option to open Council’s online mapping tool and a graphical image of DAs submitted/determined in the past week or month.

Search DA mapping

DA notifications and making a submission

How to make a submission about a DA

Making comments to Council about a DA that is under assessment is known as making a submission. Full details and technical requirements relating to the notification of DAs and making of submissions can be found in the notification part of our Development Control Plan (DCP).

I wasn't notified of a DA but I want to make a submission

The DCP outlines a range of notification methods which determine which properties are formally notified of a DA under assessment. This is based on a combination of factors but generally relates to the type and form of development being proposed. Small scale development usually requires notification to the properties immediately surrounding the property, while large scale development would be notified to properties within a larger radius and publicly advertised.

You can still make a submission in relation to a DA if you were not formally notified, provided the DA is still under assessment and has not been determined. You should contact the council officer responsible for assessing the DA on 9424 0000 and inform them that you wish to make a submission.

Submission acknowledgement during December 2021 and January 2022

Council will continue to accept submissions throughout the Christmas and New Year period. However, please be advised between 13 December 2021 and 10 January 2022 the timeframes for a submission acknowledgment letter may be extended to accommodate the Christmas and New Year break and processing deadlines.

Extended DA notification

New development applications, new modifications or reviews submitted between 10 December 2021 and 30 January 2022 (inclusive), that require notification to surrounding properties, will have an extended notification period due to Christmas and New Year holidays. The notification period will close on 14 February 2022, but may be further extended for some applications lodged in this period, to comply with Council’s Community Participation Plan. Amendments to undetermined development applications, modifications or reviews received between 10 December and 31 December 2021 (inclusive), requiring re-notification, will have the notification period extended from 14 days to 21 days. For more information call 9424 0000.

Which DAs can I view online?

  • DAs lodged: 1 December 2010 to present day - view all plans and documents submitted, the notice of determination and approved plans.
  • DAs lodged: 2008 to 1 December 2010 - view the notice of determination and approved plans.
  •  Currently any DAs lodged before 2008 cannot be viewed online. Request to view hard copy of DA file(PDF, 556KB).