Plastic Free July 2022

Waste Plastic Free July

Plastic Free July challenge taken up by more than 3 million Australians

Plastic Free July is recognised globally as an annual month of global change, where individuals, businesses and governments come together to take action to reduce plastic waste. By sharing ideas, positive actions and stories of change, Plastic Free July helps people and organisations “choose to refuse” single-use plastic everyday.

As a Council Member, Ku-ring-gai Council is actively involved in supporting our community to choose to refuse single-use plastics directly as well as pledging to make a difference by eliminating single-use plastics from our meetings and events, banning plastic bag use, and discouraging balloons at parties.

Together, we can all do our part to help end plastic waste and alleviate the recycling crisis, reduce landfill waste, and mitigate the effects of climate change. 

The Plastic Free July challenge provides resources and ideas to help participants (millions around the world) reduce single-use plastic waste every day at home, work, school and in the community. 

Ready to join the Ku-ring-gai community in taking the Plastic Free July challenge?

It can be as easy as picking one single-use plastic item to avoid or swap for a reusable alternative. 

Many people choose to avoid the Top 4 single-use plastics:

  • Take-away coffee cups.
  • Plastic shopping bags.
  • Plastic straws.
  • Water bottles.

How to get involved (for free!) in six easy steps

  1. Register for the challenge. Participants receive weekly tips to help them to keep motivated, and enjoy stories from others around the world who are reducing plastic in their lives.
  2. Take the Pesky Plastics Quiz to find some popular ideas to reduce plastic waste.
  3. Ask us for posters for your workplace, school or local businesses – or download some now.

Free events

Webinar 1. 23 June 7pm Waste Not: Reducing our reliance on plastic food packaging Alexx Stuart. View event

Webinar 2. 2 July 11am - Good, Better, Best with Anita Vandyke. View event

Webinar 3. 21 July Ku-ring-gai Council short films & panel discussion. View event