Norman Griffiths Sportsground



Council is converting the sports field at Norman Griffiths Oval in West Pymble from natural turf to a synthetic field. The proposal aims to address a looming shortfall in sportsgrounds for Ku-ring-gai’s expanding population, predicted to grow to nearly 150,000 residents in the next decade from its current 126,000. 

The proposal has been under consideration for over 2 years. During this time another site was considered but further work concluded that Norman Griffiths is the best available site. In June 2020 Council resolved to conduct community consultation on the proposal which was undertaken in August/September 2020 and showed strong support from the local community for installing the synthetic field at Norman Griffiths. The results of the consultation were reported to Council along with other financial and technical considerations in October 2020 and Council resolved support the design and construction of the synthetic field. 

Our goal

The goal of the project is to:

  • Provide of an environmentally sensitive synthetic field upgrade to replace the turf field at Norman Griffith which currently performs poorly and is sometimes unusable due to surface and weather conditions.
  • To deliver the project giving consideration to the key concerns raised by the community to date and to include and incorporate feedback from the community and key stakeholder in the project design and construction.
  • Ultimately provide the best possible solution for the environment and Ku-ring-gai’s community.

What's next

The installation of an all-weather surface for Norman Griffiths Oval was approved at the September 2021 Council meeting.

In February 2022 Council resolved to progress the project and upload the final review of environmental factors, the final design and the construction program on the Council's website. This will occur once the final detail design is complete.

Since the award of the design and construct tender council’s consultant has now finalised a concept plan for the works which incorporates all elements of the project. The concept design and frequently asked questions are now available for the community.

View the concept plan(PDF, 2MB) 

View FAQs(PDF, 120KB)

Council are now in the detailed design phase of the project.  Council had originally been hopeful of starting construction towards the end of last financial year but have encountered delays in ensuring all necessary approvals. Since confirmation of the concept, Council have been resolving a number of detailed design issues, ensuring all required legislative approvals and obtaining necessary service authority approvals for works impacting on assets owned by others. Council is now aiming to upload the final review of environmental factors, the final design and the construction program by the end of the calendar year 2022.


Further updates on the project will be periodically posted here. Should you require further information please contact William Birt on 9424 0000 or by email at