Norman Griffiths Sportsground


Norman Griffiths Oval upgrade

The Norman Griffiths Oval at West Pymble is currently undergoing a major upgrade. It follows a Council decision in March 2023 to proceed with the project as planned.

The Oval will receive a new all-weather synthetic surface, new lighting and pathways, an electronic scoreboard and an improved drainage system. 

The current sportsfields will be closed to the public and games relocated while the work takes place.

The total cost of the upgrade is estimated at $3.3 million, with local football clubs contributing around $1 million in club funds and government grants. 

The goal of the project is to:

  • Provide a synthetic field upgrade to replace the turf field which is sometimes unusable due to surface and weather conditions.
  • To deliver the project in an environmentally sensitive manner and incorporate feedback from the community in managing construction and the local environment.
  • To deliver a solution to the substantial growth in football participation, expected to be 20,000 in the local area by the year 2026.

Following completion of the work, the public will be able to access the sportsfields for games/training and other purposes such as walking. The sportsfields will also be available for hire to third parties such as schools. Use of the Oval is directed by the current Ku-ring-gai Bicentennial Park Plan of Management(PDF, 2MB) (covers Norman Griffiths).

Project update: March 2024

Council's contractors have revised the construction programme. This includes significant delays due to excessive wet weather, unsuitable ground material and the identification of contaminated soil. The revised project completion is scheduled for July 2024.

Council's project team is actively working with the contractor to accelerate the work where possible.

Key documents

In February 2022 the Council decided to make public the final review of environmental factors, the final design and the construction program on the Council's website. These documents are now available to be viewed here:

Norman Griffiths Oval West Pymble Review of Environmental Factors - version 9(PDF, 4MB)

Review of Environmental Factors - Appendices 1-15

Appendix 1 - Ku-ring-gai Council Stormwater Plan - Norman Griffiths Oval(PDF, 489KB)

Appendix 2 - Arboricultural Impact Assessment - Norman Griffiths Oval(PDF, 3MB)

Appendix 3 - Bulk Earthworks Plan - Norman Griffiths Oval(PDF, 2MB)

Appendix 4 - Civil Plans - Norman Griffiths Oval(PDF, 6MB)

Appendix 5 - Supplementary Contamination Investigation - Norman Griffiths Oval(PDF, 6MB)

Appendix 6 - Geotechnical Report - Norman Griffiths Oval(PDF, 5MB)

Appendix 7 - Fire Resistance Certificate - Norman Griffiths Oval(PDF, 212KB)

Appendix 8 - Heritage and Ecological Impacts Technical Notes - Norman Griffiths Oval(PDF, 357KB)

Appendix 9 - Stormwater System Technical Memo - Norman Griffiths Oval(PDF, 861KB)

Appendix 10 - Bushfire Report - Norman Griffiths Oval(PDF, 2MB)

Appendix 11 - Bicentennial Park Plan of Management - Norman Griffiths Oval(PDF, 2MB)

Appendix 12 - Purefill Heat Test - Temperature Evaluation Test - Norman Griffiths Oval(PDF, 470KB)

Appendix 13 - Product Information Brochure - PureFill - FieldTurf - Norman Griffiths Oval(PDF, 2MB)

Appendix 14 - refer to the above Review of Environmental Factors version 9 report

Appendix 15 - Flora and Fauna Impact Assessment - Norman Griffiths Oval(PDF, 5MB) 


Further updates on the project will be periodically posted here. Should you require further information please contact Council's Project Manager, Piran Subramaniam by phone or by email to