Draft Ku-ring-gai Public Domain Plan

On display until 19 April 2021, 12:00 AM

Why are we preparing this plan?

Council’s current plan was prepared in 2010 and is in need of review so that it reflects and correlates with recent Council directions and policies including the Ku-ring-gai Development Control Plan, Ku-ring-gai Community Strategic Plan – Our Ku-ring-gai 2038, the Ku-ring-gai Local Strategic Planning Statement, as well as State level policy such as Greater Sydney Commission’s North District Plan.

What is the Public Domain Plan?

The public domain is generally all public areas owned or managed by Council including:

  • Roads, streets and lanes
  • Street verges and footpath areas
  • Car parks
  • Parks, open space, and urban spaces
  • Any other Council lands that are readily accessible to the public

It may also apply to private land that is made available for public use such as privately owned arcades, pedestrian lanes, building forecourts, setback areas or the like.

What does the plan include?

Some of the key objectives of the Plan are to:

  • Improve the accessibility and safety of public areas with new footpaths and street lighting
  • Activate streets and public areas with wider footpaths for outdoor dining, public art and events
  • Unify the Ku-ring-gai centres by providing a consistent palette of materials and design elements
  • Increase the number of trees and gardens in the centres
  • Promote the centres as pedestrian-focussed places
  • Manage local traffic and parking conditions in the centres.

Who will use the plan?

The Public Domain Plan will be used primarily by Council to guide the design and construction of street and park upgrades within and around the centres. The Plan will also be used developers and their planners, designers and those who intend to carry out works within the public domain areas of the centres.

Where will the plan apply?

The Plan applies to all commercial centres in Ku-ring-gai including the larger ‘local’ centres like Gordon, Turramurra and St Ives and the smaller ‘neighbourhood’ centres like Roseville Chase, North Turramurra and East Lindfield.

How will the works be funded?

The public domain improvement works in centres are funded through Development Contributions which are charged by councils on new developments. They are used to provide infrastructure to support development, including open space, parks, community facilities, local roads, footpaths, stormwater drainage and traffic management. There are two forms of local infrastructure contributions:

  • Section 7.11 contributions are charged where there is a demonstrated link between the development and the infrastructure to be funded. Councils prepare contributions plans which specify what infrastructure will be provided and approximately how much it will cost. This is used to calculate a contribution rate which is charged per dwelling.
  • Section 7.12 levies are charged as a percentage of the estimated cost of the development. The maximum percentage that can be charged in most areas is 1%, although there are a small number of areas that charge a higher percentage. Part 7 Division 7.1 Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 – Provides the legislative framework for infrastructure contributions.

How will it be delivered?

Delivery of the works will be in stages over the next 10-15 years. The focus of the first stage, which will commence this year, is the main streets of each of the local centres:

  • St Johns Avenue and Wade Lane, Gordon (construction 2021).
  • Lindfield Avenue and Tryon Road, Lindfield (construction 2022).
  • Rohini Street, Turramurra (construction 2022).
  • Memorial Avenue and Rosedale Road, St Ives (construction 2023).
  • Grandview Street, Pymble (construction 2024).
  • Hill Street, Roseville (construction 2024).

Improvement works are also underway on the neighbourhood centres with the following work programed and funded:

  • Roseville Chase, Babbage Road (completed 2020).
  • Wahroonga, Fox Valley Road (construction 2021).
  • Turramurra, Eastern Road (construction 2022).
  • Killara, Marian Street (construction 2023).
  • West Lindfield (construction 2024).

Draft Ku-ring-gai Public Domain Plan vol 1(PDF, 14MB)

Draft Public Domain Plan vol 2(PDF, 76MB)

Draft Public Domain Plan technical document(PDF, 22MB)

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