Smart Units rebates

Keen to help the environment and reduce your bills?

Claim up to $4000 for your apartment block to undertake an energy and/or water audit and upgrade the environmental performance of common areas.

Residents in apartment units use approximately 25% more energy per person than stand alone homes or town houses, with much of this higher usage resulting from common areas. We are keen to work with your unit block to start saving now.

Participating apartment blocks in Ku-ring-gai have recorded an average savings of nearly 40% in energy consumption in common areas. Many of these actions taken have a 1-2 year payback period.

How to apply

2020-21 Smart Units Information Pack and registration form(PDF, 846KB)

To apply for a rebate for your unit block you must gain the approval of the Executive Committee/Body Corporate or if you are a member of the EC, bring it up at your next meeting and gain consensus to move ahead with the program. 

To find out more, contact Council’s Sustainability Officer, Anuj Dhir on email or phone 9424 0172.

Rebates available in 2020-21

The program offers a total rebate of $4,000 to apartment blocks of more than 20 units in 2020-21.

You might be a unit owner, strata manager, building manager or on the executive committee. Applications open until funds are exhausted.

Actions funded by rebates

Rebate amount = 50% of cost

Project implementation commenced to improve environmental performance of common areas of apartment building.

up to $3,000

Successfully reporting on performance indicators for a period of one year. Rebate goes towards cost of an Energy (level 2) and/or water audit.

up to $1,000

Total rebate available


Application process

Step 1

Apply for and receive a pre-approval and reference number.





Step 2

Conduct an audit within 60 days.


Step 3

Submit an action plan based on recommendations of audit and formalise a rebate agreement with Council.



Step 4

Submit proof of installation to receive 50% rebate capped at $3,000.



Step 5

On successfully reporting on agreed performance indicators over a period of one year, receive an additional 50% rebate capped at $1,000 towards cost of audit.


Additional resources

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This infographic was designed to inform owners and their managers about the sustainable opportunities that may be available to them in their apartment buildings and how to go about making these changes.

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This site is for owners and their owner’s corporations to learn, find and share information about making apartment buildings more sustainable.

Guide to renovating or buying a sustainable apartment

Australian Government guide.

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Renters guides to sustainability (homes and apartments).


Strata laws information and Owners Corporation FAQ’s.

Good Practice Guide for Facilities Managers

This guide was developed by the Facilities Management Association of Australia (FMA) to help facilities managers in their role to maintain and sustain their buildings.

Case study

Many apartment blocks in Ku-ring-gai and across Sydney have already saved money through implementing sustainability initiatives. View the case study to find out how they did it.

Gordon over-55’s Complex Building:

Car park fluorescent lights that were running 24 hours a day were replaced by LED units with built-in sensors. Payback period 1.5 years.