Waste and recycling

Find out about how to manage your waste sustainably. Tips on recycling can be found on the NSW Government website and Planet Ark offers their Schools Recycle Right Guide.

Council support

  • FREE 'The Recoverables' workshops from Veolia.
  • Cool Australia - extensive range of online teaching resources.
  • Uniform recycling program onsite at schools.

Find out more about these programs.

Schools recycling week

Planet Ark has some great tools to start your recycling or organic waste system.

Sustainable Schools Toolkit  

Uniform exchange

An online marketplace for second hand school uniforms, musical instruments, sports gear, textbooks and more. Visit here.

Bye bye plastic

Our Sustainable living pages offer a range of advice on how to inspire your school and students to reduce their plastic use.

Waste-free lunchboxes

Planet Ark Waste-free Lunch Box Challenge

Teacher resources

Sustainable Schools NSW guides and teacher resources.