Infrastructure damage security bond

An infrastructure damage security bond and inspection fee applies for:

  • Development applications where the cost of works is greater than $10,000

  • Complying development certificates where the cost of works is greater than $25,000

Council will carry out an inspection before building work starts and also undertake a final inspection upon completion of the works.

Release of the bond

Once a final occupation certificate is received, Council will undertake a final inspection of Council’s infrastructure and release the bond if there is no damage.

For development of more than two dwellings there is a 6-month holding period, after which you may request Council to return any bond monies. 

If there is damage to Council property, the bond will not be released until the damage has been rectified to Council’s satisfaction. 

In this context:

  • ‘Council property’ includes any road, footway, footpath paving, kerbing, guttering, crossings , street furniture, seats, litter bins, trees, shrubs, lawns, mounds, bushland and similar structures or features on any road or public road within the meaning of the Local Government Act 1993 (NSW) or any public place
  • ‘Infrastructure damage security bond and inspection fee’ means the infrastructure damage security bond and infrastructure inspection fee as calculated in accordance with the Schedule of Fees and Charges adopted by Council at the date of payment.

Payment of the bond

Bonds can be paid by cash, card or cheque or online. To make a payment contact the Council's customer service centre on 9424 0000 so the correct charges can be applied.