St Ives Showground Regional Playground

St Ives Showground playground

St Ives Regional Playground is Ku-ring-gai’s largest playground. Located within the popular St Ives Showground, it is set within an expansive semi-rural bushland environment and has been designed as an accessible inclusive destination playspace offering opportunity for interactive play across a range of equipment-based and nature-based play experiences. 

The playground was partly funded through the NSW Metropolitan Greenspace Grant Program and since its opening in December 2020 it has proven to be very popular with families, schools and friendship groups.

Playspace design

The playspace has been designed to facilitate accessible and inclusive play for the broader community. Activities are contained within an expansive fenced area with visitors able to select from a variety of distinct play areas, designed for different age ranges and abilities. Swinging, spinning, balancing, rocking, climbing, running, sitting and sensory nature play experiences are all available.

The design also draws inspiration from the site’s natural setting and is interspersed with references to the Showground’s agricultural and military past.

Concept plan(PDF, 2MB)

Key features

Younger children's area

Offering smaller scale play elements with junior swings, a carousel, a rocker, cubby house with low slide and an imaginative farm play setting for developing motor-skills as well as social, cognitive and emotional capabilities.  

Older children’s area

Offering more challenging larger scale active play with tall rope climbs, elevated walkways, high slides, cable rides and a giant bird’s nest swing. 

Rocky creek area

Offering timber balancing logs, boulders, water and stepping stones intermingled with plants to promote opportunities for open-ended nature play for all ages.  

Cultural heritage

Themed play elements such as tractors, windmills and timber animal sculptures, along with rustic materials and fences, reflect the Showground’s agricultural background. Military history is also acknowledged through the retention of WW2 architectural artefacts and the use of a sympathetic material and colour palette.

Ecological heritage

Planting is drawn from species found within the surrounding Duffy’s Forest vegetation community. Extra trees have been planted to supplement existing shade trees retained on site and the playground fencing serves to further protect the surrounding Duffy’s Forest Endangered Ecological Community from users.

Site facilities

The design caters for children and for their carers. Wide circulation paths link accessible site facilities and seating, picnic tables, shade structures, bubblers, bins, bike racks, information signs, toilets and parking are all provided to enable all visitors to be part of the fun.

Accessible adult change facility

This is Ku-ring-gai’s first accessible adult change facility and is available for use by MLAK key holders.


Warwick Brown, Project Manager 9424 0000.