Kissing Point Village Green playground upgrade


Community consultation was undertaken to inform the design of the district playground in mid 2019.

The community were then asked to provide feedback on the concept plan developed. Council have now updated the concept plan based on this feedback.

This consultation resulted in a variety of differing opinions on inclusions for the upgrade. Council is delivering an inclusive play space based on this feedback.

Our goal for the upgrade is to create an attractive, engaging and inclusive community place for everyone to enjoy.

It will be a place to meet, play and relax that enhances the local neighbourhood and growing residential community. The concept design for this local park includes:

  • A playground catering for a range of age groups and abilities.
  • Refurbishment of existing shelters and seating.
  • A drinking fountain.
  • An accessible path network to link the park’s activity areas.
  • Rubber softfall.
  • Nature play elements.
  • Enhancement of existing bike track.
  • Formalised accessible parking space.

About the playground 

This play space is categorised as a district playground. District playgrounds generally serve a whole residential precinct. They are typically larger and more prominent than the local play space, with a distribution similar to local primary schools. It's primary purpose is for play and social / family recreation and team groups. Visits are often connected to another attraction ie. shops, school, kinder, sports etc and for meeting socially. The role as a community meeting place is a key feature. Visits will be of longer duration that local parks.

Concept Plan(PDF, 3MB)

Please note that the final detailed construction plans may differ from the concept due to feedback from the community and latent conditions of the site assessed and accommodated during the detailed design phase. 


Contact Council’s Project Manager, Warwick Brown on 9424 0842 or email